Niels Zijderveld joins Sollers Consulting as Chief Sales Officer

Zijderveld will lead the business and IT consulting firm’s activities in the U.K., U.S., Nordic- and German-speaking countries and others, and will support the development of new markets.

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Sollers Consulting (Warsaw) has announced that Niels Zijderveld has joined the company as Chief Sales Officer. In that role, Zijderveld is tasked with helping insurers in Europe, the U.S. and Asia tackle their digitization efforts and support Sollers’ international expansion, according to a Sollers statement. Zijderveld will lead the business and IT consulting firm’s activities worldwide and support the development of new markets. Zijderveld will be active in the U.K., the U.S., Nordic countries and German-speaking countries, among others.

Michał Trochimczuk, Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting.

“Niels brings unique experience, having worked for insurance-focused software companies since 2008,” comments Michał Trochimczuk, co-founder and managing partner, Sollers. “With his experience and skills, he will be a great support for the insurance industry’s digitalization efforts and help Sollers in its international expansion. As a manager, Niels looks for solutions and has a great ability to motivate others.”

Value-Driven Company

“I am excited to join Sollers and contribute to the company’s amazing success story,” Zijderveld says. “Sollers is a value-driven company. One of the most important principles is: ‘We always deliver.’ As a Sollers partner, I have experienced this commitment many times. I am looking forward to helping insurers find the right solutions and ensuring we create maximum value for our customers and partners.”

Niels Zijderveld, Chief Sales Officer, Sollers Consulting.

Zijderveld has worked in the insurance industry since 2008 and has helped insurance companies in the U.S., Germany, the Nordics, Poland, Spain and other markets in their digital transformation, according to the Sollers statement. Prior to joining Sollers, he worked for FRISS, Guidewire, TIA Technology and Cambridge Technology Partners, and others. Zijderveld holds a Master of Science degree from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and an MBA from INSEAD. He is fluent in Dutch, English, Portuguese and German. As Chief Sales Officer, he will work from Sollers’ headquarters in Warsaw, as well as from Cologne and from Utrecht.

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