New York Insurer of Last Resort Modernizes Policy and Claims with Alfresco and TSG

The New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association chose the solution for its streamlined web interface and case management capabilities, open architecture, and ability to quickly and efficiently satisfy document and processing requirements.

(Dane Austin, President, NYPIUA. Source: Alfresco and TSG.) 

The New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association (NYPIUA) has modernized its policy and claims process by implementing Alfresco’s (San Mateo, Calif.) Alfresco One enterprise content management (ECM) platform and Technology Services Group’s (TSG, Chicago) High Performance Interface (HPI) as its new policy and claim management solution.

A joint statement from Alfresco and its partner TSG reports that the ECM solution was chosen over competitors owing to its streamlined web interface and case management capabilities, open architecture, and ability to quickly and efficiently satisfy all of the client’s document and processing requirements for modern policy and claim administration.

Unique Insurance Requirements

“NYPIUA was struggling with legacy technologies and interfaces that did not allow us to address our customer needs quickly and efficiently,” comments Dane Austin, president, NYPIUA. “Alfresco and TSG were able to understand our unique insurance requirements, develop a unique solution for our needs and quickly migrate us from our old solution to their new modern interface. The system went off without a hitch. Our people loved it and it made us more efficient on day one.”

Organized in 1968, NYPIUA provides basic property insurance—including fire, extended coverage, vandalism and malicious mischief, loss of rents and business interruption—to consumers who are unable to obtain insurance coverage in the voluntary market. Among its needs, the company was looking for a way to modernize its processes and create replication of its environments across both of its locations to ensure files were safe and easy to access in case of disaster. By leveraging a combination of Alfresco’s solution and TSG’s High Performance Interface and OpenMigrate migration tool, NYPIUA acknowledges that it has been able to streamline its document processing capabilities, which in turn has allowed employees to navigate easily between policies, claims, and related customer data. By focusing on an integrated approach with their policy administration system, NYPIUA was able to document enable their existing policy and claim data management system with minimal interruption for the introduction of the new interface, file formats and enhanced capabilities.

“Like most of our legacy ECM customers, NYPIUA had already digitized all of their files, but was struggling with old and inefficient user interfaces, old file formats and extensive amounts of manipulation of files outside of the system for communication and publishing requirements,” says Dave Giordano, president and founder of Technology Services Group. “The new system for NYPIUA supports modern formats along with robust performance and publishing capabilities with a streamlined interface to reduce access and processing time.”

Alfresco describes TSG as a Strategic Certified, long standing partner, that provides clients with a value-added approach for their Alfresco implementation and ECM efforts with a variety of products, solutions and integration capabilities. TSG provides assistance that ranges from initial implementation and migration to integration with third -party tools and systems and custom application development.

Filling a Critical Gap

Bob Crissman, VP, global channel programs and sales, Alfresco Software.

Bob Crissman, VP, global channel programs and sales, Alfresco Software.

Alfresco and TSG assert that their solutions fill a critical gap in NYPIUA’s document management processes. Prior to their adoption, all of NYPIUA’s documents were scanned via low volume scanners and uploaded, which was time consuming for employees. Sensitive information such as checks had to be manually redacted, then scanned or re-scanned into the system, further slowing the claims process. Integrating a high volume scanner with Alfresco and TSG solutions has proven a winning combination that has dramatically decreased digitization time.

“Alfresco is proud to be working with the NYPIUA, which provides vital and necessary insurance services to individuals who might not otherwise be able to recover losses for their property,” comments Bob Crissman, VP, global channel programs and sales, Alfresco Software. “TSG’s solution for the insurance industry, built on top of Alfresco’s Enterprise Management platform, will ensure that claims will be processed more quickly, easily and efficiently, with as few headaches as possible—all crucial when dealing with any kind of business disruptions or damage to property.”


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