New Sapiens Decision Version Allows Rapid Decision Logic Changes

The new version features faster deployment, better user experience, increased productivity and performance.

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Sapiens International Corporation (Holon, Israel) has announced a new release of Sapiens Decision, which the vendor says is designed to set a new benchmark for decision management platforms. Decision enables business users to manage business decisions across enterprise systems holistically, easily and accurately, boosting their digital transformation to the next level of operational efficiency, responsiveness and customer engagement, according to a Sapiens statement.

Harold Westervelt, General Manager, Sapiens Decision.

“Providing the brain that powers the product is Sapiens’ core value proposition,” comments Harold Westervelt, General Manager, Sapiens Decision. “Our newly upgraded version of Decision has been piloted across Sapiens’ customer base and validated through multiple use cases. Our customers are empowered by the ability to manage technology-agnostic decision logic and to increase the speed of business policy changes without relying on IT.”

Modernizing Traditional Business Rules

The vendor describes Sapiens Decision as based on the TDM standard that ensures all decisions have integrity, free of conflicts or gaps. “Organizations gain the assurance that processes can be automated with end-to-end visibility of decision logic,” the Sapiens statement says. The vendor says Sapiens Decision transforms how businesses are approaching change, by modernizing traditional business rules management.

“Sapiens Decision is driving decision management to a new level of innovation,” Westervelt adds. “It accelerates the emerging trend to shift decision making to the edges of the company, with the appropriate guardrails, for greater speed and efficiency. Sapiens is leveraging our proven expertise in the field, including a robust set of use cases from our work with clients in insurance, capital markets, public sector and retail globally.”

The latest version of Sapiens Decision includes the following capabilities, as described by the vendor:

  • Faster deployment: This cloud-based version can be deployed quickly to deliver rapid time to value, typically within several months. Customers also enjoy the cost savings, flexibility and security provided with cloud deployment.
  • Better user experience: An easy-to-learn and use no code platform enables business analysts to design and test decision logic in near real time with 100 percent error-free decision logic that is automatically converted to executable code, without reliance on IT.
  • Increased productivity and performance: This version enables business analysts to develop and analyze a virtually unlimited set of test cases for the most robust approach that is unmatched by competitors.  Sapiens platform collapses the development cycle and reinforces a “shift left” approach associated with agile development methods.
  • Faster time to decision: The holistic solution enables organizations to manage complex business rules by extracting decision logic from aging legacy applications and outmoded rules engines that abound in large companies.  Managing decision logic externally speeds policy updates and improves quality. The latest version also includes tools to automatically extract decision logic embedded in legacy COBOL and Java applications that saves months in conversion time.

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