New Mexico Mutual Adopts AgencyPortal for Modernization, Differentiation

Modern web capabilities, configurability and the ability to integrate to Guidewire PolicyCenter were key considerations in the carrier’s selection of AgencyPort’s software.


New Mexico Mutual (Albuquerque), the largest writer of workers’ compensation in the state with a 33 percent market share, has selected AgencyPort’s (Boston) AgencyPortal web-based distribution platform to provide modern web capabilities to its independent agents and ensure an advantage among increasing competition, according to a vendor statement.

Tim Thackaberry, Director, IT, New Mexico Mutual Group.

Tim Thackaberry, Director, IT, New Mexico Mutual Group.

AgencyPort reports that New Mexico Mutual sought a nimble web distribution solution that would be quick to deploy, intuitive to adopt and multi-functional for the greatest ease of use by agents. The carrier also required that the new system be highly compatible with Guidewire PolicyCenter, which New Mexico Mutual recently announced it had selected as its policy administration system. As a carrier focused exclusively on workers’ compensation, New Mexico Mutual is focused on customer service for its policyholders, in-state and out-of-state agents. The insurer touts superior claims management and risk and safety management services in the best interests of both policyholders and injured workers.

“Over the years, our agents have come to expect exceptional customer service from us—online and off,” comments Susan Kittredge, director of sales and marketing, New Mexico Mutual. “As web technology rockets ahead, so do our agents’ expectations of it, and of us. AgencyPortal is the industry standard for agent experience and was the clear choice for our agent channel.”

Deep Experience with Agent Processing and Workflow

”Configurability was also key to our decision-making,” reports Tim Thackaberry, director of IT, New Mexico Mutual. “We needed a solution that we could easily tailor to the changing needs of our agents and easily integrate with our newly selected PolicyCenter core system. Agencyport’s deep experience with agent processing and workflow was a clear advantage. On the integration front, the vendor’s Guidewire Integration Kit gave us what we needed to couple easily with PolicyCenter.”

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“Our ongoing research shows that agents’ technology needs and expectations are changing faster than ever,” comments Curt Stevenson, CEO, Agencyport Software.  “In a business where hairline differences make the difference in securing and retaining business, exceeding those expectations gives all agent-oriented carriers—mono-line or multi-line—a critical advantage.”

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