Neos Smart Home Insurance Adopts Roost SmartTechnology Devices

The insurer plans to include selected Roost smart home devices as part of its offering, providing policyholders with wider reaching capabilities to actively protect their homes remotely via smart phone.

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Neos Smart Home Insurance (London), the U.K.’s first Smart Home Insurance provider that incorporates smart technology as an integral part of its home insurance offering, announced plans to include selected Roost (Sunnyvale, Calif.) smart home devices as part of its offering, providing policyholders, with wider reaching capabilities to actively protect their home remotely, from the comfort and convenience of their smartphone.

Matt Poll, CEO, Neos.

“We want to provide our customers with the best preventative technology on the market, that can enable them to look after their home, wherever they are in the world,” comments Matt Poll, CEO, Neos. “With the help of early warning systems, customers can now be alerted to issues before they escalate into something bigger and ultimately reduce claims.”

“Partnering with Roost allows us to take exciting steps to extend our home protection offering, delivering a wider range of products to our customers,” Poll continues. “We’re very committed to delivering a smarter alternative to traditional home insurance, and great partners like Roost will help accelerate this journey.”

Appealing to a Wider Market

Craig Beattie, Senior Analyst, Celent.

Neos’ partnership with Roost builds on earlier engagements, according to Craig Beattie, a London-based analyst with Celent (Boston). “Neos was originally looking at the premium/high-net-worth end of the market, linked with Hiscox, and originally eying devices like the Canary Smart Camera,” he says. “ They also have links with LeakBot [London] and other sensor companies, and the insurer has also offered an “affordable” smart camera for £19.99.”

“The move to more affordable solutions and the link to Roost shows that Neos are moving to appeal to a wider market,” Beattie continues. “Neos were early to the smart home-enabled insurance model in the U.K.; they continue to invest and experiment, and are clearly keen to stay at the forefront of IoT-based home insurance offerings in the U.K.”

Roost Building European Base

“It’s very compelling to be able to partner with a disruptive insurance company that strongly believes, as we do, that prevention is essential and is attainable through smart home technology paired with home insurance,” Roel Peeters, co-founder and CEO, Roost. “We are also pleased to continue building our European base of insurance partners that support the benefits of home telematics.”

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