Navy Mutual Selects Sureify to Transform Digital Customer Experience

The mutual insurer has replaced its current electronic application system with Sureify’s LifetimeACQUIRE.

(Image source: United States Navy website.)

Navy Mutual Aid Association (Arlington, Va.) a provider of mutual life insurance to veterans, has selected Sureify (San José, Calif.) to shepherd the transformation of its electronic application experience, according to a Sureify statement. The partnership aims to enhance and streamline Navy Mutual’s application process across the company’s agent and direct-to-consumer channels—improving on the outstanding service the insurer has long provided for its members and agents.

Brian Luther, President and CEO, Navy Mutual.

Navy Mutual characterizes themselves as having a strong focus on service. This attitude led them to know the importance of providing personalized interactions to each individual member throughout the entire buying process. By replacing their current electronic application system with LifetimeACQUIRE, a Sureify configurable application, Navy Mutual is now able to deliver an omnichannel sales experience—across D2C and agent distribution channels—that gives members the ability to move from quoting to eDelivery using an integrated platform approach, according to the statement.  

“At Navy Mutual, we’re always thinking about how we can continue to improve the service we provide to our members and agents alike.” Comments Brian Luther, President and CEO, Navy Mutual. “We selected Sureify to support us in our digital transformation journey, and we’re confident that everyone we serve—our agents, members buying through their agent, and new policyholders applying through our D2C channel—is now experiencing an easy, streamlined onlines sales process they’re looking for.”

Priority on Experience

Dustin Yoder, CEO, Sureify.

“I admire the priority Navy Mutual places on its member experience.” Adds Dustin Yoder, Founder and CEO, Sureify. “The commitment they have to their members and agents aligned strategically with Sureify’s mission as an organization, and I firmly believe that the intuitive UX, flexible workflows and the omnichannel sales model LifetimeACQUIRE provides will quantifiably enhance the customer experience Navy Mutual delivers during the application process.”

With the implementation of LifetimeACQUIRE now completed, the two companies say they will continue  strategizing, with an eye toward how the partnership can impact other areas of Navy Mutual’s business to improve the overall member experience.

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