Natixis Boosts Customer Service with Guidewire Claims, Digital Solutions

ClaimCenter and CustomerEngage will be implemented to support the Groupe BPCE company’s ambition to improve competitiveness and service quality.

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Natixis Assurances, the insurance arm of Groupe BPCE (Paris) selected Guidewire (Foster City, Calif.) ClaimCenter as its platform for claims management. The insurer has also licensed the Guidewire Digital application, CustomerEngage Account Management, to boost the digital experience of its customers, according to the vendor. Guidewire PartnerConnect member Capgemini has been selected to manage the systems integration.

Nathalie Broutèle, CEO, Business Non-Life Insurance, Natixis Assurances.

Guidewire reports that its Core and Digital products will replace Natixis Assurances’ legacy claims management system and support the insurer through providing new capabilities to help deliver on its service commitments to customers and partners more efficiently and effectively. Natixis Assurances plans to deploy Guidewire software across all four lines of business, one every six months, over two years, the vendor says.

“Natixis Assurances’ ambition is to improve our competitiveness and service quality,” comments Nathalie Broutèle, CEO, Business non-life insurance, Natixis Assurances. “When a claim occurs, that is the moment of truth in our customer relationship, and the quality of our service is vital. By building an efficient claims management solution, open to digital development, we will be better placed to support our customers at a time when they need us most. Our insurance solutions are distributed by Caisse d’Epargne, so our aim with Purple#Care is that they strengthen the relationship of trust with their customers.”

Keith Stonell, Managing Director, EMEA, Guidewire Software.

Guidewire describes the capabilities its Core and Digital products will afford Natixis Assurances as follows:

  • Improve customer and staff experience with rich, well-structured screens, intuitive ergonomics and real-time reporting;
  • Ensure higher level of control over management costs, through simpler processes and automation;
  • Enhance claims files management, by improved monitoring and alerts; and
  • Boost employee satisfaction levels, by allowing staff to focus on higher value, and more interesting tasks.

“Guidewire is distinguished by its native technical and functional capabilities, as well as its rigorous approach to R&D,” comments Françoise Terry, Claims Program Manager Natixis Assurances. “In choosing this software for our claims platform, combined with ongoing digitalization, we see a modern, robust, well-structured and scalable solution.”

“We are delighted that Natixis Assurances has chosen Guidewire technology for the foundation of its strategic plans as a full-function insurer,” comments Keith Stonell, managing director, EMEA, Guidewire. “Guidewire is committed to work with Natixis in helping them deliver a high quality, innovative customer experience.”

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