Nationwide Partners with Idelic to Improve Commercial Fleet Safety

Commercial fleet policyholders now have discounted access to a driver performance management and risk prevention program to improve safety and manage insurance costs.

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Nationwide (Columbus, Ohio) has entered into a preferred risk management partner relationship  with Idelic (Pittsburgh), a provider of technology and insight to improve driver performance, to help fleet drivers become safer, lower losses and take control of their insurance premiums. Nationwide commercial fleet customers will now enjoy discounted access to the Idelic Program, a driver performance management and risk prevention program, to help fleets identify risky driver behaviors and coach their drivers to improve safety, resulting in a reduction in preventable crashes and losses.

Gary Flaherty, SVP, E&S Commercial Auto, Nationwide.

Idelic’s Safety Suite driver performance management platform aggregates fleet data to identify risky driver behaviors. According to Idelic, this data combined with an industry best-practice Driver Safety Playbook, has helped reduce accident rates by more than 52 percent. Idelic customers are seeing an average reduction of more than 20 percent within the first year of using the program.

“The power of Idelic’s Safety Suite is clear: motor carriers can harness and leverage large amounts of data already being collected and create actionable insights that reduce risk for their fleet,” comments Gary Flaherty, SVP, E&S Commercial Auto, Nationwide. “Our partnership extends our already deep reach into the data-driven world that will translate into even safer fleets. Our dedication to protecting businesses with extraordinary care is boldly stated with this new partnership.”

A Naitonwide statement notes that the transportation industry has a multitude of data sources to help improve and evaluate safety, but it has found it challenging to use that data effectively to benefit insurance underwriting. The insurer adds that, by leveraging the comprehensive data set enabled by Idelic’s Safety Suite, fleet owners can flag drivers who may be at-risk for a preventable accident. From there, fleets can proactively assign targeted training, track professional development, and improve driver engagement—all of which help reduce accidents and incidents and ultimately achieve lower premiums, according to the insurer’s statement.

Lower Losses, Improve Risk Profile

Hayden Cardiff, Founder, Idelic.

“Idelic’s proprietary AI powered view of driver risk in Safety Suite, coupled with a prescriptive approach to driver coaching through the Idelic Driver Safety Playbook is changing the game for fleets wanting to improve their insurance outcomes,” says Hayden Cardiff, Founder, Idelic. “This partnership with Nationwide demonstrates the value of the Idelic Program as a promising solution for their fleet customers to help lower losses and improve their risk profile at the time of renewal.”

Nationwide’s E&S commercial auto customers will have the opportunity for reimbursement on the cost of Safety Suite at policy renewal. They’ll also benefit from personalized underwriting for their new policy based on a 360-degree view of their fleet’s performance.

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