Nationwide Insurance Agents Association Join PIA

The agreement between NIICA and PIA follows Nationwide’s decision to shift to entirely independent distribution, announced April 2018.

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Nationwide Insurance Independent Contractors Association (NIICA; Norfolk, Va.), an association representing Nationwide Insurance agents who are transitioning to independent agent status has entered into an agreement with the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA National; Alexandria, Va.) the national trade association of agents specializing in coverage of automobiles, homes and businesses. Under the agreement, NIICA’s hundreds of members across the nation will become members of PIA.

Dennis D. Kuhnke, National President PIA.

On April 16, 2018, Nationwide (Columbus, Ohio) announced its decision to shift entirely to an independent agency distribution model by July 1, 2020. At the time of its initial announcement, Nationwide already had relationships with more than 10,000 independent agents across the United States.

“We extend the warmest welcome to all the Nationwide agents who will be joining the ranks of independent agents, and also joining PIA,” comments Dennis D. Kuhnke, National President PIA. “This is yet another illustration that the independent agent distribution system is by far the insurance distribution system of choice and that PIA is the best choice for independent agents.”

Thom Polvogt, President, NIICA.

“NIICA has throughout its 33-year history always honored the dignity and value of agents,” says Thom Polvogt, President, NIICA. “Since our beginning, we have been pro-agent, pro-client, pro-company, and pro-active. Now that our agents are transitioning fully into the independent agency system, we are proud to become part of PIA—an association that shares our values.”

“PIA welcomes all of the Nationwide agents who will be joining PIA,” comments Mike Becker, CEO, PIA. “We encourage all of the agents who will be joining our association as a result of this agreement to take full advantage of all the many business-building programs offered by PIA that help add to an agency’s bottom line. In addition, PIA advocates for you in Congress and throughout the insurance industry.”

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