Mutual of Omaha Implements iPipeline Maestro for e-App Self-Maintenance

The insurer’s recent launch of accidental death and cancer products reflects how Maestro’s self-maintenance capability enables speed-to-market.

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Mutual of Omaha (Omaha), a Fortune 500 organization offering insurance and financial products, has implemented iPipeline’s (Exton, Pa.) Maestro product for e-App self-maintenance. The new product, enables carriers to build their own screens, define basic rules, and map forms to gain speed-to-market advantages and simplify the launch of new products, according to a vendor statement.  Using Maestro, Mutual of Omaha recently designed and launched its new accidental death and cancer insurance products.

Robert Gregg, VP and Actuary, Mutual of Omaha.

“iPipeline’s Maestro self-maintenance innovation has enabled us to streamline the new product development process,” said Robert Gregg, VP and Actuary, Mutual of Omaha. “When we engage iPipeline for assistance, it’s for help with complex rules, product testing, third party integrations and best practices. We are able to get a significant head start on the work, allowing for an early feedback loop with internal stakeholders. Once we get beyond those early stages of product design, changes are made easily on the fly, and this amounts to an enormous time savings for us in the new product launch process.

Product Launches in Record Time

“Maestro for self-maintenance enabled us to go live with our new accidental death and cancer insurance products in record time within our call center,” adds Gregg. “The effort has been highly collaborative, and I am confident that Maestro will continue to have a positive impact on how we work as a team going forward.”

“When a carrier is designing a new insurance product, stakeholders across the enterprise need to be engaged throughout the entire process,” comments Larry Berran, CEO, iPipeline. “Maestro has been created to provide more control, autonomy and benefits throughout the process for our customers. Mutual of Omaha is pioneering the use of Maestro, and the early returns have been excellent to date. The ability to provide this self-maintenance capability, for e-App and other products, is delivering speed-to-market advantages which were previously not realizable.  We are committed to delivering and expanding this new capability for more carriers throughout 2020 and beyond.”

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