Mutual of Enumclaw Adopts Xpertdoc for Billing Modernization Initiative

The carrier achieved rapid integration of the Xpertdoc CCM solution to Guidewire BillingCenter, easing core system implementation and introducing greater efficiency to the way customer communications are created, managed and delivered.

(Mt. Rainier, near Enumclaw, Washington. Photo credit: Dllu.)

Mutual of Enumclaw has adopted Xpertdoc Technologies’ customer communication management (CCM) solution as part of its billing modernization initiative, centered on the carrier’s implementation of Guidewire BillingCenter.

Jerel Titus, Director, Agile Business Operations, Mutual of Enumclaw.

Jerel Titus, Director, Agile Business Operations, Mutual of Enumclaw.

“Mutual of Enumclaw prides itself on delivering the best overall experience to both our agents and members, but our legacy billing system needed an overhaul,” comments Jerel Titus, director of Agile Business Operations, Mutual of Enumclaw. “Xpertdoc’s technology paired with Guidewire has helped streamline our billing processes so that we are able to focus on delivering the most relevant products to our customers and serve their needs, supporting our goal of superior customer engagement.”

Xpertdoc’s CCM solution has given Mutual of Enumclaw what the vendor calls full control over the design and content of the more than 10,000 documents the carrier produces daily. The solution has introduced greater efficiency to the way customer communications such as invoices and cancellation notices are created, managed and delivered, according to a vendor statement. The carrier was able to migrate its entire existing template library within weeks, preventing any delay to its BillingCenter implementation, Xperdoc reports.

The composite modernized billing system streamlines workflow with automated technologies, including PDF generation for each document produced and integrating it into their archival solution, while an AFP copy is sent to the print vendor, according to Xpertdoc.

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