On-Demand Webinar. Moving the Needle: How insurers are turning ideas into impact


Driven by competitive pressure and customer expectations—and finally, ignited by a global pandemic—Property & Casualty and Life insurers are
innovating and seeing measurable results that are directly contributing to their bottom line.

Something that had been talked about for years—major initiatives and targeted projects to improve customer experience, increase efficiency and reduce costs—is underway in every part of the industry. Is your organization part of this wave of progress? Or are you unsure of where to start?

Watch this recording, where you’ll learn:

• How insurers are determining the best way to prioritize projects—and beginning to realize that smaller projects also can have a big impact.
• Why defining the business need should happen before you choose the technology to use.
• What’s worked for other insurers—and what hasn’t
• How to adapt your processes to the new reality of a “digital first” culture as your organization look towards 2022.