Mexico’s Qualitas Adopts Octo Commercial Fleet Telematics Solution

Commercial fleet customers of Mexico’s largest auto insurer will be able to track vehicles, supply customers with accurate and intelligent logistics, and improve driver safety.

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Qualitas (Mexico City), Mexico’s largest auto insurer with operations throughout Mexico, Latin America and the United States, has selected Octo (London) to develop the telematics market in Mexico by using Octo’s driving behavior analytics in the commercial fleet insurance.

Margarito Villas, Director of Risk Prevention, Qualitas.

Octo couches its contract announcement within the broader context of a growing global usage-based insurance (UBI) market, which Ptolemus recently reported had grown by 40 percent in a year, to 21.6 million active policies by the end of June 2018.

Octo will supply Qualitas with fleet telematics as the insurer expands its commercial offerings throughout Mexico with a new program, available to its customers in early 2019. The program will include risk management and asset utilization by leveraging driver behavior data and Qualitas’ commercial fleet customers will be able to track vehicles at all times, better serve customers with accurate and intelligent logistics, improve driver safety and prevent accidents, according to the vendor.

Expanding the Insurer’s Value Proposition

“As the largest auto insurer in Mexico, Qualitas was a natural fit for us as a partner, as we continue to lead the growth of UBI and telematics in the country,” comments Geoff Werner, Americas Country Manger, Octo Telematics. “Octo’s years of gathering, managing and delivering data, understanding the insurer to insured relationship in different countries—and how to expand an insurer’s value proposition—means that we can quickly integrate and roll out a program for them that fits their needs. We’re excited to see how it expands their value proposition to policy holders.”

Qualitas’ search for UBI solutions represents its recognition of a “wave of connectivity” reshaping various industries, and with the potential to transform the insurance industry in particular, according to Octo’s announcement. The insurer wanted a partner that understands the industry and its challenges, as well as offering a wide range of capabilities including scoring, analytics, and advanced crash detection and crash services, the vendor asserts.

Geoff Werner, Americas Country Manager, Octo Telematics.

“The ability to allow our commercial auto customers to better care for their employees and fleets is an exciting proposition that fits with our mission to offer them more advantages, including guaranteed quality and efficiency,” comments Margarito Villas, Director of Risk Prevention, Qualitas. “Octo’s renowned, global leadership in gathering and analyzing telematics data to improve insurer operations, profit and value proposition was very attractive to us. With Octo, we will continue to improve customer loyalty, trust and retention. Octo was the obvious choice for our needs and we are confident that our customers will swiftly adopt this program and see additional value in us as their insurer.”

Improved Efficiency and Productivity for Fleet Customers

Octo says that its telematics data will allow Qualitas to improve efficiency and productivity of its customers’ fleets by reducing fuel consumption, limiting unauthorized asset utilization and improving driver safety. The Octo fleet management console provides vehicle and driver behavior data at the individual, fleet segment or holistic fleet level. The management console will gives fleet managers the ability to locate vehicles, monitor performance and support drivers in real time with location, usage and vehicle health data.

“The InsurTech industry’s digital footprint is becoming wider and we consider ourselves a market leader in this innovative push,” comments Pilar Moreno, Technical Director, Qualitas. “Working with market-leading partners such as Octo Telematics ensures that we have the best technology to support our customers as the Internet of Things, data and analytics continue to be game changers for our customers. We are confident in working with Octo, given their storied history in these areas.”

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