Metromile Introduces Pay-Per-Mile Offering into Sixth State

Pennsylvania follows California, Illinois, Washington Oregon and Virginia as the fifth state in which consumers can take out a policy on the carrier’s pay-by-the-mile model.

(World’s End State Park, Sullivan County, Pa. Photo credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli.)

Metromile (San Francisco) has begun writing business in Pennsylvania. The carrier touts its pay-per-mile insurance model as the ideal solution for the more than 60 percent of Pennsylvania drivers who drive less than 20 miles per-day, as they are considered low-mileage drivers (driving less than 10,000 miles/year). Pennsylvania drivers will also have access to what Metromile characterizes as the latest innovations in smart driving via its Metromile app and connected car devices.

Dan Preston, CEO, Metromile.

Dan Preston, CEO, Metromile.

“Pennsylvania is a great fit for a per-mile auto insurance option,” Dan Preston, CEO, Metromile. “Drivers in the big cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have access to a wide variety of public transportation in addition to bike-friendly commute options. Ultimately, those Pennsylvanians who own cars they rarely drive are overpaying for auto insurance.”

Metromile casts its offering as not merely a mileage-based insurance indemnity product but a response to drivers’ emerging appetite for a smarter driving experience. A Metromile statement says that the carrier, “has pioneered new technology to bring an innovative approach to an antiquated industry.”

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The carrier’s policyholders will receive the Metromile Pulse, a device that connects to the driver’s onboard diagnostic (OBD-II) port and wirelessly obtains and transmits data to the Metromile driving app. From the app, drivers can then access insights to personalized driving trends and diagnostics, which the carrier says takes auto insurance beyond the claim and ensures a more informed and connected experience.

Metromile offers to non-insurance customers Metromile Tag, a Bluetooth device which provides insights such as commute optimization, mileage tracking, parking GPS and other capabilities. The Tag is currently available at no cost when signing up for the free Metromile app.

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