Metromile Expands Reach Through Independent Agents

Through an integration with the EZLynx Rating Engine, Metromile can now offer Independent Agents access to Metromile’s customizable pay-per-mile auto insurance.

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Metromile (San Francisco), a pay-per-mile auto insurer and digital insurance platform, has announced a significant expansion of its Independent Agents program, along with the appointment of Scot Rankin, a 30 year insurance veteran, as Independent Agency Relationship Manager.

Through an integration with the EZLynx (Lewisville, Texas) Rating Engine, Metromile can now offer Independent Agents access to Metromile’s customizable pay-per-mile auto insurance, which the insurers says features significant savings, standout customer experience, and easy bundling of home and auto insurance.

Rankin, who joins Metromile from Travelers (Hartford), will build additional integrations and infrastructure to support Independent Agents and significantly scale the channel. Currently, the program offers agents a:

  • Quote in under two minutes
  • Dedicated in-house support team
  • Easy-to-use agent portal
  • Fast, stress-free claims filing for agents’ clients

“I’ve specialized in working with Independent Agents for more than 30 years, so I can attest to their position as a trusted resource for many consumers shopping for insurance,” comments Rankin. “Independent Agents will play a valuable role in educating drivers on the benefits of data-driven insurance, the value of pay-per-mile, and the savings and experience unique to Metromile.”

Metromile notes that more than half of the country’s drivers were already low mileage drivers pre-pandemic, driving 10,000 miles or less per year. This population is now growing as more of the country’s workforce forgoes the commute and settles into work-from-home routines. According to Upwork, 36.2 million Americans will work remotely by 2025, an increase of 16.8 million people from pre-pandemic levels.

Troy Dye, SVP, Growth, Metromile.

Helping Customers Take Advantage of Pay-per-Mile Insurance

Often, consumers do not realize that even if they get behind the wheel every day they may still be low mileage drivers—which results in their not taking advantage of the pay-per-mile proposition. Metromile reasoned that independent agents have the expertise to recognize drivers who are a fit and educate them on high-quality alternatives to traditional, proxy-based static insurance.

“Independent Agents account for more than 30 percent of all auto insurance sales, and we believe there is significant opportunity to work with them to reach more low-mileage drivers now and in years to come as we expand nationwide,” comments Troy Dye, SVP, Growth, Metromile. “These agents want what’s best for their clients, and they can appreciate our value proposition that combines high-quality insurance with lower rates. Gone are the days when paying less meant getting less.”

Metromile reports that it already hosts more than 880 Independent Agents on the platform, with more expected to be added in the coming weeks.

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