Metromile Adds New AI-Driven Claims Services

Qualified customers can now opt for Automated Direct Repair, Rental Car and Payments Programs driven by Metromile’s AVA unified artificial intelligence platform.

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Metromile, the San Francisco-based pay-per-mile pioneer, has stepped up its attempt to reinvent auto insurance claims processing through new capabilities built from its AVA unified artificial intelligence platform (see video linked below). The company has added Direct Repair, Car Rental and Claim Payments Programs to its AVA-powered claims services, which debuted in June 2017.

Dan Preston, CEO, Metromile.

“We strive to provide the fastest and simplest claims experience for our customers, and we are successfully doing that by leveraging automation and artificial intelligence,” comments Dan Preston, CEO, Metromile. “The addition of Direct Repair Program, Rental Cars, and Claim Payments to AVA’s capabilities allows us to further expedite the claims process by taking those repair, rental and reimbursement claims experiences mobile; ultimately getting our customers back on the road faster.”

The newly expanded range of services lets qualifying customers now opt-in to automate the identification, management and payment of auto repair and car rental providers within Metromile’s preferred network through the company’s mobile app or online dashboard. Those customers can now also choose to automate claim reimbursement directly through AVA. Metromile characterizes these improvements as manifesting its commitment to enhancing the overall customer experience, lowering consumer costs and bringing technology to the forefront of the insurance industry.

Metromile describes AVA as a first-of-its kind smart claims system designed to speed up the process of verifying and paying out insurance claims through Metromile’s mobile app. (Editor’s note: See our interview with Dan Preston for a more precise description of AVA.) Using Metromile Pulse sensor data, AVA can reconstruct the scene of an accident to instantly determine if claim details are accurate. If the claim is verified, Metromile is able to automatically approve payments within seconds. With the addition of these automated capabilities, Metromile aims to eliminate the back and forth between consumer and claims adjusters and provide the best customer claims experience in the industry.

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Metromile Launches AI-Driven Automated Claims Service

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