Matrix Absence Management Partners with WorkForce on Productivity Optimization Service

The TimeOut service is designed to optimize productivity and compliance starting from the point an employee calls in sick.

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Matrix Absence Management (Phoenix) has embarked on a strategic partnership with cloud based HR solutions provider WorkForce Software to jointly deliver TimeOut, a service designed to optimize productivity and compliance starting from the point an employee calls in sick.

Matrix integrates workers’ compensation, short- and long-term disability, return-to-work services, and personal/family and medical leave programs to help employers realize time, efficiency and productivity gains, according to the vendor. Within TimeOut, Matrix enables employers to interpret and manage incidental paid time off like sick and vacation days as part of their total productivity model.

Ken Cope, President, Matrix Absence Management.

Ken Cope, President, Matrix Absence Management.

WorkForce’s EmpCenter suite records time, activity, and absence data across an organization, applying pay rules and other labor policies in real time. TimeOut blends the vendor’s technology into an end-to-end absence management platform that the vendor claims simplifies compliance with federal and local leave laws, improves visibility and reporting into absence cases, and maximizes workforce productivity.

“Industry research proves the key to successful absence management is information and early intervention,” comments Ken Cope, president of Matrix. “Yet many leave management solutions are capable only of reacting to employee leaves, tracking duration and managing ongoing compliance. These tools gave minimal visibility into the incidental or unplanned ‘days off,’ even though a significant number of leaves begin that way.”

Total Organizational Impact

“With TimeOut the employee has a single way to request or report time off, regardless of the reason,” Cope adds. “More importantly, the employer has the ability to see, analyze and react to the total organizational impact of employee absence, and a full suite of tools to proactively manage both individual leaves and corporate absence policies.”

Employers’ effective management of employee leave requires access to current and complete absence data, according to Travis Burke, VP, Global Growth & Alliances, Workforce Software. “TimeOut brings all of the disparate elements of leave management into one place, delivering case administration tools that maximize efficiency and providing unmatched visibility into absence patterns, costs, and its potential impact on workforce performance,” he comments.



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