Managed Repair Vendor handdii Integrates with Verisk Solutions

The integration, which connects through Verisk’s XactAnalysis, aims to automate the exchange of claim data and communications, enabling greater productivity and enhanced digital experiences for property claims.

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Handdii Holdings Inc. (handdii, Los Angeles), a digital repair program, has announce an integration with Verisk (Jersey City, N.J.), a global data analytics and technology provider. This collaboration, which connects through Verisk’s XactAnalysis, aims to automate the exchange of claim data and communications, ushering in a new era of productivity and enhanced digital experiences for property claims, according to a joint statement from the companies.

handdii’s proprietary software functions as a digital repair platform, connecting insurance company adjusters and policyholders to a carefully vetted network of local contractors. This integration is set to transform the property claims landscape by simplifying and optimizing the claims reconstruction process.

“We’re streamlining the claims process to make it an easier and better experience for policyholders, contractors, and insurance companies,” comments William Bartley, CTO, handdii. “To achieve this, we have integrated with industry-leading solutions to optimize our offering. Today, we are delighted to announce this integration as a pivotal component of the interconnected claims ecosystem.”

Many insurers use Verisk property estimation software and claims tools, which include solutions for every phase of a building’s life. Verisk’s cloud-based solutions are connected to a comprehensive ecosystem that includes an assignment network, analytical reports, cost research, project management and third-party integrations.

“We are confident that our work with handdii will have an impact across the industry by enhancing automation and productivity,” comments Aaron Brunko, president, Property Estimating Solutions, Verisk. “Integrations are vital in providing the proper level of support to customers and providing them with a choice in who they partner with throughout the entire claims lifecycle. We are proud of the role that Verisk and handdii are playing in delivering these impactful and technology-driven solutions.”

How It Works

Through this integration, initial claim data flows from XactAnalysis to handdii. A pre-qualified local contractor is promptly assigned and can leverage Verisk’s Xactimate estimating tool. After rigorous quality assurance checks by handdii’s team, the estimate is submitted to the adjuster via XactAnalysis for review and claim approval.

Once the policyholder selects the handdii contractor to proceed with repair works, the handdii platform facilitates the collection of necessary approvals, payment of the deductible, and offers full transparency throughout the repair process. This significantly reduces the claim lifecycle.

handdii’s multi-party chat feature fosters transparent communication among all stakeholders involved in the claim, according to the joint statement. By connecting policyholders, contractors, and adjusters, appointments and decisions are expedited and integrated into XactAnalysis.

This integration eliminates the need for adjusters to switch between multiple platforms, facilitating a first-class digital claims experience for policyholders and providing flexibility for local contractors, the companies note.

handdii, reports that, with its local contractor network spanning 35 states, it has consistently received high customer service ratings, averaging 4.9 out of 5 stars for the past 3 years.

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