Majesco Debuts DigitalConnect Platform for Rapid Portal and Mobile Deployment

DigitalConnect serves as a single platform to support insurers’ digital strategies, enabling personalization of portal and mobile solutions for customers and agents.

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Majesco (Morristown, N.J.) has released DigitalConnect, which the vendor calls a single platform with ready-to-deploy portal and mobile solutions for customers, agents, alternative distribution channels and group benefits support. Five of the vendor’s customers are currently implementing the new solution.

Martina Conlon, SVP, Research & Consulting, Novarica.

Martina Conlon, SVP, Research & Consulting, Novarica.

“Leading insurers see digital engagement with prospects, policyholders and agents as key to gaining market advantage and are prioritizing these efforts in 2015,” comments Martina Conlon, SVP, Research & Consulting, Novarica (Boston). “It’s exciting for the industry to have new options to execute on digital strategy.  Comprehensive portal products, like Majesco DigitalConnect, that can provide robust out of the box functionality for all insurer constituents can significantly accelerate the journey to becoming a true digital insurer.”

Unique Customer Journeys

Majesco describes DigitalConnect as a platform designed to enable personalization of portal and mobile solutions based on the unique customer journeys and personas defined by each insurer to fulfill their multi-channel distribution and customer experience needs. The solution is pre-integrated with the vendor’s core solutions and its broader partner ecosystem, offering insurers a single platform to support their digital strategies.  Majesco says that DigitalConnect’s open architecture provides capabilities to integrate with other core solutions and partner solutions to integrate content, channels and technology.

Majesco reports that it has used DigitalConnect to build portal and mobile solutions that it currently offers, including:

  • Customer portal and mobile for quote through issuance, profile management, billing and payments, policy view, renewals, endorsements, policy document download and claims reporting and tracking.
  • Agent portal for dashboards, performance tracking, agent collaboration, customer management, quote through issuance, billing and payments, policy view, renewals, endorsements, claims reporting and tracking.
  • Group benefits portal for member enrollment and self-service, employer or TPA, and agent or brokers.
  • Specialized portals and apps including a claims adjuster app, call center portal, group benefits management portal.

“Today’s customers, agents and employees increasingly want to stay connected and have digital engagement expectations based on their experience with other industries,” comments Nimish Sankalia, SVP Services, Majesco.  “Majesco DigitalConnect is designed to provide a robust, rapid option for insurers to begin their business transformation process with a solution that integrates with Majesco and other core solutions, regardless if they are modern or legacy solutions.”

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“This solution is expected to provide a platform for a single, seamless customer experience during and after the business transformation journey,” Sankalia adds.

Majesco describes the features of the DigitalConnect platform as follows:

  • Powerful presentation with responsive user interface (UI), customer branding, mulit-lingual, collaboration and social integration.
  • Robust business process using rules configuration, workflow, alerts and notifications, electronic signature and document downloads.
  • Extensible integration with an enterprise service bus (ESB), standard API core system integration and standard API third-party integration for payments, risk and more.
  • Excellent mobile capabilities with native look and feel, notification engine, mobile device management, scanning, location services, messaging, and offline options.
  • Extensive common services to support single sign-on, authentication, authorization, auditing, transaction logging and user management.
  • Wide-ranging partner services for content management, collaboration, document management, payment gateway, data pre-fill, risk and claims verification, address verification and e-signature.

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