Majesco Announces Availability of ClaimVantage V22

Enhancements to the solution enable claims operational effectiveness and enhanced absence management with early buildout of Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave.

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Majesco (Morristown, N.J.), a global provider of cloud insurance software solutions, has announced the general availability of version 22 of Majesco ClaimVantage Claims Management for L&H and Majesco ClaimVantage Absence Management, the vendor’s second major release in 2021.

Raymond Law, SVP, General Manager, L&A and Group Products, Majesco.

Majesco describes the latest enhancements as providing additional features to the product, including enhanced straight-through processing, improved user experience and configurability for effortless claims processing and enhanced compliance for absence management. While available separately, together the solutions provide an integrated disability and absence management (IDAM) solution for insurers to meet the increased demand for short-term and long-term disability insurance, the vendor asserts.

“We continue to place an emphasis on enhancements that optimize the business and provide ease of use for our customers,” comments Raymond Law, SVP and General Manager, L&A and Group Products, Majesco. “This latest release further streamlines the solution, allowing for more advanced straight through processing paired with additional user experience features to drive operational effectiveness across the business.”

Majesco reports that, as regulation related to absence management continues to evolve, the vendor continues to invest in compliance enhancements for Majesco ClaimVantage Absence Management to minimize the risk for its customers administering federal and state paid and unpaid leaves. With its June 2021 release, Majesco says that it has built Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)—which goes into effect January 1, 2022—into the solution according to the regulatory guidance that was made available in March. As with previous new legislation, iterative enhancements will be made in the lead up to the rollout date as the regulations continue to take shape.

By adding Connecticut PFML to the solution more than six months ahead of the program’s rollout date, Majesco says that it is providing its insurance carrier, Third-Party Administrators (TPA), and employer customers with substantial lead time to ensure they are fully prepared to effectively manage the new state-mandated paid leave program at the start of 2022. The vendor says that, once Connecticut PFML takes effect, the solution will handle the new PFML regulations when determining employee eligibility and benefit calculations. The built-in rules engine automatically determines employee eligibility based on the criteria specified by the law, according to Majesco.

Monique Bouffard, VP, Product Management, Majesco.

“We are proud to be enhancing our leading Claims solution as well as supporting new Absence leave legislation well in advance of the regulations effective date to help our customers to ensure they are well positioned to support and mange leaves before the rollout date,” comments Monique Bouffard, VP, Product Management, Majesco. “Our absence experts have been meeting with customers in preparation for Connecticut PFML, just as we did for Massachusetts last year, to ensure a seamless rollout. Together, they provide the industry with a market leading IDAM solution needed in a rapidly changing marketplace.”

Highlights of the solutions include the following, by the vendor’s description:

Majesco ClaimVantage Claims Management for L&H:

  • New Configurability Options:Ability to configure Elimination Periods, Elimination Units and Duration of Benefits for Custom Cause values.
  • Automated Payment Calculation Enhancements: Disability Payment Calculator with Duration of Benefits for Custom Cause values for 5- and 7-day work weeks.
  • Straight-through Processing: Added the ability to adjudicate a claim based on the waiting period at the benefit level.
  • User Experience Updates: A new correspondence panel brings together all call records, notes, and files into a single, easy-to-use source for accessing all claim-related correspondence.

Majesco ClaimVantage Absence Management:

  • Connecticut Compliance: Connecticut Paid Military Family Leave, Connecticut Paid Family Violence, Connecticut Paid Family Leave are all now available with iterative changes made on an as needed basis. Connecticut Military Family Changes take effect on 01/01/2022.
  • District of Columbia Compliance: District of Columbia Family Medical Leave Act Public Health Emergency is now available.

    Rob McIsaac, EVP, Research and Consulting, Novarica.

  • New York Compliance: New York Crime Victims intake update.

“In a dynamic market such as Group and Voluntary Benefits, insurance carriers face a significant array of challenges as they plan for a rapidly evolving future,” comment Rob McIsaac, EVP, Research & Consulting, Novarica (Boston).  “Regulatory changes, demographic shifts, cost pressures and increases in competition from both traditional and non-traditional sources, all conspire to create a constant “raising of the bar” on functional and operational efficiency.  For technology solution providers who want to be strategic partners to these carriers, continuing to both increase functional capabilities while supporting better and more flexible integration of components, becomes key to future success.  Majesco’s recent announcement illustrates the importance of continuing to drive forward with functionality and integration.  The competitive pressures across the entire benefits ecosystem are likely to increase as we move toward a post-pandemic era.”

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