Lucens Group Rebrands to Claimify

The rebranding is intended to reflect the increasing role data and analytics will play, through the increasing use of APIs and cloud-based platforms, to empower better claim decisions.

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Lucens Group (Boston), a provider of disability insurance technology and services, has announced that it is changing its corporate name to Claimify LLC. The company says the name change reflects a broader commitment and its expertise in driving the digital innovation needed to shape the future of the insurance industry. The new name is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company’s products and solutions throughout calendar year 2019 and beyond.

Brett Albren, CEO, Claimify.

“Claimify’s vision for 2019 and beyond is consistent with the growing belief that technology, data and analytics will play an increasing role in the mitigation of mundane processing issues to create a community that empowers better claim decisions,” comments Brett Albren, co-founder and CEO, Claimify. “As a company with its roots in insurance automation technology, we are committed to delivering breakthrough solutions that will connect all the points in the insurance claim processing continuum.”

Since its founding, the company has focused on settlement facilitation and benefit validation enablement solutions, seeking to streamline often complicated and time-consuming processes. The company’s work led to what it calls simple service-based offerings for all parties to balance technology with human interaction in order to expedite accurate processing while providing an expanded range of options. During 2019, Claimify says its objective is to “take the industry to the next level” with technology firsts in automated claim lifecycle management.

Potential of Data via Cloud, APIs

The emergence of Claimify brings a new brand of digital transformation to the insurance industry. As data is not only more available but more accessible and shareable because of the increasing use of APIs and the efficiency of cloud-based platforms, this has opened the door to new possibilities.

Claimify seeks to provide a new type of digital transformation based on more accessible data owing to increasing use of APIs and the efficiency of cloud-based platforms. The vendor says it will combine new technologies with decades of expertise in the space to provide next-generation managed services designed to reliably deliver fast, error-free user experiences.



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