Loveland Innovations Launches Drone Assist Complete for On-Demand Claims Adjustments

The new service combines automated drone inspections and proprietary deep learning systems with Fourseventy Claim Management’s adjusters to deliver fully-adjusted claims.

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Loveland Innovations (Alpine, Utah), a supplier of advanced data analytics solutions and drone-based data gathering tools, has partnered with Fourseventy Claim Management, a nationwide independent adjusting firm based in Waco, Texas, to launch Drone Assist Complete, an on-demand roof claims adjustment service.

Drone Assist Complete builds on combines Loveland Innovations’ recently announced drone-based inspection service adding the adjusting expertise of Fourseventy Claim Management in order to go beyond inspection to deliver a fully desk-adjusted claim to a carrier, according to a Loveland Innovations statement. The combined offering is faster, cheaper, safer and ultimately delivers a more consistent end product than traditional third-party adjusting options, the vendor claims.

Jim Loveland, CEO, Loveland Innovations.

“This is the next evolution of the claims process—a fast, extremely cost-effective and of course safe, full-service alternative to traditional claims adjusting,” comments Jim Loveland, CEO, Loveland Innovations. “In those claims where drones are an obvious fit—and we think this is the majority—Drone Assist Complete just makes more sense than traditional adjusting or outsourcing to ‘steep and high,’ third-party companies. Using state-of-the-art technology and a forward-thinking claims adjusting partner in Fourseventy Claim Management, costs are much lower and the turnaround time is significantly faster. And of course, no one is climbing on a roof.”

With the addition of Drone Assist Complete, Loveland Innovations now offers insurers two Drone Assist options, both of which use the IMGING platform with the aim of executing consistent, accurate roof inspections, and the IMGING Detect deep learning engine for damage detection and other functions.

Loveland Innovations characterizes Drone Assist Complete as a full turn-key solution for insurers that want a claim adjusted from start to finish. Insurers can deliver claim information to Loveland Innovations’ pilots, who will inspect the job using IMGING. After inspection, the experts at Fourseventy Claims use the data collected with IMGING to verify damage and materials, create an estimate, and deliver a fully adjusted claim.

Loveland Innovations pitches regular Drone Assist as an option for insurers that wish to complete their own desk adjustments. The service lets them define what they want inspected at a property and automatically assign the job to a Drone Assist pilot, who will inspect a property. Insurers can then complete the adjustment by viewing and annotating ultra-high-resolution images, viewing architectural-grade 3D models and virtual test squares, and by using damage detection through Loveland Innovation’s deep learning engine, IMGING Detect. They can then export key data into common estimating platforms to finish the process.

Cost-Effective, Fully Adjusted Claim Service in 72 Hours

Depending on the option, Loveland Innovations and Fourseventy Claims say they will deliver inspection data or fully adjusted claims in around 72 hours. The cost is $200 for Drone Assist and $295 for Drone Assist Complete, according to the Loveland Innovations. The vendor Drone Assist is available to select carriers now but will become more widely available over the next few months.

“We’re excited to partner with Loveland Innovations to bring fresh new tools and services to the market,” comments Matt D. Fatheree, founder and CEO, Fourseventy Claims. “Leveraging the state-of-the-art IMGING platform, Drone Assist Complete will take several days off of cycle times and provide a much higher quality product. We’re proud to partner with Loveland Innovations to make this possible.”

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