On-Demand Webinar. Using Digital Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation


Ellen Carney

At its core, insurance is a series of transactions and processes involving time-sensitive decisions driven by data and information. To optimize the efficiency and efficacy of those transactions and processes, insurers need to be able to properly analyze and understand them. The unfortunate truth is that not all “successfully” transacted business is good—i.e., profitable—to say nothing of the impact of a poorly handled claim, quote, or policy endorsement.


Eileen Potter

Historically, insurers have sought to improve process efficiency through legacy system replacement. However, simply replicating processes on a new platform is often a wasted opportunity. Insurers need to know what areas in the processing of transactions are broken, and to do that, they need insight—Digital Intelligence—into those processes and transactions. During this one-hour webcast moderated by Anthony O’Donnell, Executive Editor, Insurance Innovation Reporter, we will feature commentary from and a panel discussion with Ellen Carney, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Eileen Potter, Solution Marketing Manager, Insurance at ABBYY.


Anthony O’Donnell

          • How Digital Intelligence—including AI, ML, and OCR technologies—can deliver operational change and accelerate true digital transformation for insurers.
          • What perennial factors are reducing the efficiency and profitability of insurance processes.
          • The indispensable role of content in digital customer experience.
          • How getting the right content to the right place at the right time drives more profitable processes.