On-Demand Webcast. From Insurance Customer Communications to Customer Engagement: Differentiation in the Digital Age

Customer experience is a hot topic in the insurance industry whether you define your customer as the agent or the policyholder. The pace at which consumer expectations change makes customer satisfaction an elusive goal—especially when carriers often think of customer experience from the perspective of traditional functional silos.  However, in a world of customer-centric design, there is a new way of looking at the customer and agent experience that crosses silos and creates some significant opportunities for differentiation.

This webcast will lay out that new framework and highlight the role of communications in driving satisfaction. Outbound communication is the easiest way to have an immediate impact on the customer experience and can be the spearhead of digital transformation for insurers, but new device capabilities and preferred channels of communication continue to proliferate, and customers across different demographics have different preferences. These shifting sands present both a serious challenge—and a significant opportunity: to move from adequate customer communications to differentiating customer engagement.

In this webcast you will learn about:

  • How peer insurers are prioritizing and thinking about customer experience
  • An overview of a transformation framework for designing a new policyholder and agent experience
  • The role of customer communications in the customer experience
  • Tips for thinking about moving to a true omnichannel approach