On-Demand Webcast. Digital Insurance Transformation: Mobilizing Data in a Connected World

In this one-hour recorded webcast, industry experts discuss steps toward creating a truly digital enterprise which drives more efficient, reliable processes, a more collaborative work environment, and a powerful customer experience. You will learn:

  • Ways to mobilize data for faster service, improved coverage, and better customer service;
  • Why data normalization must be a part of any digital transformation initiative; and
  • How to plan for managing and mobilizing data better across systems and platforms.

Insurers’ early digital forays have largely been reactive, focused on supplying requested pieces of information in customers’ preferred, if somewhat siloed, channels. Even as insurers began to understand the need for omni-channel communication and collaboration involving IoT devices and mobile apps, the actual execution has tended to be front end-focused, instead of more operational integrations which would provide today’s insurance customer anytime-anywhere access to policy, coverage, and claim data while still ensuring security and privacy. Insurers won’t get there all at once, but recognizing the need to unify and normalize internal data environments, making data available across systems, workflows, and to process stakeholders, from the back office to the front end, and all the way out through distribution channels to the customer is a good way to get started managing and mobilizing data in a connected world.