LIMRA Aims Mobile-Ready Agent Recruiting Quiz at Millennials

Recruit2Go, an online and mobile-ready recruiting quiz delivers instant feedback to candidates while providing insights to recruiters about a candidate’s talents and sources of motivation.

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LIMRA (Windsor, Conn.) has launched Recruit2Go, a recruiting quiz designed to attract Millennials to the insurance industry. The online, mobile-ready tool enables agent candidates to learn about how insurance selling opportunities might fit their career ambitions, while helping recruiters gain insights into the candidate’s qualities and providing an opportunity to connect with them.

Rick Funke, AVP, Assessment and Development, LIMRA.

Rick Funke, AVP, Assessment and Development, LIMRA.

“Today’s candidates are digitally savvy and connected on all levels, especially during their career search,” comments Rick Funke, assistant VP, LIMRA Assessment and Development. “Recruit2Go offers a quick and easy way for them— and companies — to learn about their affinity for selling insurance and help them better understand the industry and the career.”

LIMRA designed the digital quiz is using the organization’s latest research on effective recruiting practices. Recruit2Go can be completed on mobile devices and computers alike, including cell phones and tablets. The results of the quiz give managers or recruiters insights into the candidates talents and sources of motivation. LIMRA says that companies can tailor the quiz, focusing on two of the following talents that best meet their needs:

  • Achievement Drive
  • Adaptability
  • Social Reach
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Prospecting Courage

Candidates taking the quiz are asked to enter name, email address and ZIP code. After answering questions, they receive immediate feedback, highlighting how the career aligns to their motivators based on the latest LIMRA research. For example, one of the questions asks candidates to,  “Pick three things that sound like you when thinking about a career,” according to Funke. “We give the candidate 10 different career motivators to choose from, based on the latest LIMRA research in terms of what today’s candidates are looking for in a career,” he explains. “When the candidate completes Recruit2Go, we instantly show on the candidate’s mobile device the three top motivators that they choose in addition to LIMRA factoids that support those motivators.”

For example, if the candidate chose the motivator “It’s important that my career allows me to make a difference,” the following graphic would show up on his or her mobile device:


“We do that for all three of the top motivators chosen by the candidate,” Funke adds.  “This informs the candidate that what they are looking for in a career can be met through the financial services sales rep opportunity.”

The candidate’s three top motivators are also printed as part of the manager/recruiter feedback report. With the information, the manager/recruiter can individualize how they position the career to the candidate.

“This is all about letting the candidate know that this career may be the right career for them based on what they are looking for—and at the same time helping managers focus on what is important to the candidate,” Funke comments.  “The idea is to keep the candidate interested/engaged in the career opportunity so they can continue to determine whether this is the right career for them or not.”

“Recruit2Go is designed to be easily accessible for everyone,” Funke adds. “Company recruiters can share a link to the quiz on any social media page, or their career websites. They can also email a link of the quiz directly to a candidate.”

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