LifeTech vs InsurTech with Joel Albarella of New York Life Ventures

LifeTech is a distinct ecosystem of startups that shares aspects of InsurTech and FinTech but features technologies that address the challenges faced by life insurance companies.

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Sometimes the obvious needs to be stated. The business processes of life insurance and the needs of the life insurance industry in general differ from those of the property/casualty industry. Accordingly, the technology needed to digitize, disrupt and transform life insurance differs from those needed by P&C. The InsurTech movement has significantly focused on property/casualty, so a distinct ecosystem of startups needs to be identified and cultivated for the life insurance industry. New York Life Ventures (NYLV) has screened over 1,700 startups and facilitated more than 160 proofs-of-concept. Joel Albarella, head of  NYLV notes that only about 20 percent of the startups the firm tracks overlap with the InsurTech world. We’ve spoken with Joel in the past and welcomed the opportunity to discuss the need for the LifeTech category and how differently startup ecosystems are playing out in the life insurance industry.

Joel Albarella, SVP, Head of New York Life Ventures.