LeapLife Joins NACUSO to Offer Credit Union Customers Digital Access to Life Insurance

The collaboration is aimed at offering credit union customers a digital and seamless experience when planning for their future.

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LeapLife, a digital insurance agency, it has joined the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO) to offer credit union customers what the company calls a digital and seamless experience when applying for life insurance. NACUSO was formed in 1984 to help credit unions explore the use of credit union service organizations.

Tom Patterson, CEO and Co-Founder, LeapLife.

LeapLife works with FinTech partners such as Gabi, Insurify, Credit Sesame, and now NACUSO to offer consumers increased convenience and access to a digital insurance experience wherever they are on the web and whatever their personal situation may be.

“The community-centric model of credit unions resonates with younger generations, who want to put their money into socially responsible financial institutions,” comments Tom Patterson, CEO and Co-Founder, LeapLife. “Through NACUSO, we can now help credit unions provide their customers with a digital and seamless experience, which is especially important to younger generations.”

NACUSO is recognized as the leader for innovation, collaboration and advocacy for credit union service organizations (CUSOs) and the credit union industry. NACUSO members subscribe to the proposition that innovation paired with collaboration allows credit unions to transform themselves to achieve a new level of success and combine the best elements and advantages of free-market theory with traditional credit union philosophy, according to the organization.

Denise Wymore, Membership and Advocacy Development Officer, NACUSO.

Unique Approach to Insurance

“We are excited to welcome LeapLife to the NACUSO family,” comments Denise Wymore, Membership and Advocacy Development Officer, NACUSO. “We pride ourselves on being the leader in innovation and collaboration among credit union executives, and LeapLife’s unique approach to insurance certainly fits in with our trade association’s mission.”

LeapLife describes its industry activities as working with best-in-class life insurance carriers to create a unique life insurance buying experience matched to different population segments. Multi-carrier access allows the company to match people with the right policy to accommodate each budget and leverage the powerful underwriting and pricing of all carriers, not just one.

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