Lawyers’ Mutual Launches Consumer Portal Built by Insurance Systems Inc.

Policyholder users will be able to access policy information and documents in real time, make electronic payments, and request account and policy changes, among other benefits.

(Image source: Lawyers’ Mutual homepage.)

Lawyers’ Mutual Liability of North Carolina (Cary, N.C.) has launch a consumer portal designed to provide policyholders easy online access to their information. The consumer portal was developed by Insurance Systems Inc. (ISI, Toronto), a provider of enterprise solutions for the property/casualty insurance industry.

Daniel Zureich, President and CEO, Lawyers Mutual.

“After a successful implementation of ISI Enterprise for our operations in 2017, we are excited to extend the digital platform to our insureds,” comments Daniel Zureich, President and CEO, Lawyers’ Mutual. “Our project team worked closely with ISI to deliver a user-friendly online experience that allows insureds to access coverage information and make secure payments.”

Lawyers Mutual policyholders will receive information in the mail to instruct them how to create accounts on the portal, use its self-service capabilities and enjoy real-time access to information, according to a joint statement from Lawyers Mutual and ISI.

Among the benefits policyholders will enjoy through the new portal are the following, as described in the joint statement:

  • On demand access to current and historical policy documents, including certificates of insurance for coverage verification;
  • Access to important dates and information regarding their upcoming policy term;
  • Ability to make and schedule PCI compliant payments as well as access historical payment information; and
  • Contact LML to request account and policy changes.

    Cameron Scott, Account Executive, ISI.

Consistent Customer Experience

The ISI Enterprise API provides Lawyers Mutual with the flexibility to control the workflow and customer experience while maintaining branding consistent with other marketing channels, according to the statement.

“The Digital Age has transformed the way businesses operate and the way consumers access information today,” comments Cameron Scott, Account Executive, ISI. “Implementing an API for our clients to build custom portals was critical to keeping our clients at the forefront of the industry. We’re excited about Lawyers Mutual’s implementation of the API and look forward to continuing to work with them as they provide new features to their insureds.”

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