KSKJ Life Deploys IntellectSEEC Suite to Digitally Transform New Business

IntellectSEEC’s AI-powered Fraternal Suite gives KSKJ Life’s agents powerful tools to increase productivity and help home-office staff communicate seamlessly with members.

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KSKJ Life, a Joliet, Ill.-based fraternal organization founded by Slovenian immigrants, has deployed Intellect SEEC’s  (Piscataway, N.J.) Fraternal Suite to give its independent agents tools to increase their productivity and help their home-office staff communicate seamlessly with their members, according to an Intellect SEEC statement.

Tony Mravle Jr., CEO, KSKJ Life.

Described by the vendor as AI-powered and cloud-native, Intellect SEEC’s Fraternal Suite supports seven business apps, which are multi-device, multi-channel (supporting agent, back-office staff and members) and come out-of-the-box, all on a single codebase. This suite of integrated apps includes—CRM, Needs Analysis, Quote and Illustration, e-App, Profile Management, Customer Service and Product Launcher. The Fraternal Suite integrates with the KSKJ’s existing core and external systems through APIs for real-time pre and post policy transactions. The Intellect SEEC platform provides the company the ability to meet their immediate need of productivity gains and digital empowerment, and their long term need for sustainable business growth, according to the vendor.

IntellectSEEC an ‘Easy Choice’

“We cannot expect the field force of today, to work effectively with our members while dealing with a ton of paperwork,” comments Tony Mravle Jr., CEO, KSKJ Life. “We need to unburden and empower them with the latest tools. Intellect SEEC was an easy choice for us because their suite allows KSKJ Life to bring forth the technology advancements we need to keep us competitive and enable business growth. We are giving our agents tools that not only help them sell, but also provide key insights for deeper engagement with our members.”

“We are happy to welcome KSKJ Life as our newest partner,” comments Pranav Pasricha, CEO, Intellect SEEC. “We have been providing state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices for years. We are excited to bring our first fraternal client on the native-cloud platform and we hope to add more in the very near future. Our platform enables fraternal organizations to streamline end-to-end front-office capabilities by helping the agent, home-office personnel and members to collaborate in real time.”

KSKJ Life Selects Intellect SEEC for Digital Transformation


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