Kiwi Founder Launches Pilotbird, an Insurance Analytics Product Company

The new company provides of lifestyle analytics solutions leveraging social data to help insurer with risk scoring, customer acquisition, and claims verification.

(Image source: Pilotbird homepage.)

Evgeny Aleksandrov, founder of New York-based InsurTech Kiwi, has launched Pilotbird, a provider of lifestyle analytics solutions that leverage social data to help property/casualty and life insurance companies with risk scoring, customer acquisition, and claims verification.

“Given interest from carriers, Pilotbird will offer a standalone set of social analytics products,” comments Aleksandrov. “We can provide carriers with risk and lifestyle insights on potential customers even before they engage them with a personalized offer. Kiwi will continue to provide a testbed and use case for the Pilotbird technology through on-demand medical deductible cover.”

Pilotbird says its analytics product set moves beyond simply collecting social data by using it  to enhance insurers’ internal capabilities and making insurance products more relevant to policyholder lives.

  • Pilotbird Lifestyle Risk Scoring: Enhance underwriting accuracy for group and individual insurance products.
  • Pilotbird Engage: Engage prospects and customers at the right time by matching specific lifestyle elements to relevant insurance products.
  • Pilotbird Revocation: Apply social data analytics to validate claims.

“Pilotbird provides an innovative way to engage customers and deploy new technology for distribution,” said Jeff Burman, VP. business development, Guarantee Trust Life. “Pilotbird is a great example of an InsurTech innovating alongside us.”

A 2020 Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) cohort alumnus, during the program the Kiwi team focused on the company’s on-demand insurance product designed to help individuals recover money lost to medical deductibles. Pilotbird will continue to offer Kiwi’s on-demand medical deductible cover as a use case for its social lifestyle technology. Going forward, Pilotbird’s primary focus is continued application and development of industry-leading analytics products which leverage social data to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the insurance value chain and the quality of the overall insurance experience.

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  1. Congratulations to Evgeny Aleksandrov and the Pilotbird team! This is an exciting development and one to watch closely!

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