Kespry Launches BYOD—Bring Your Own Drone—Program

Offering the option to use Kespry drones or integrate a clients existing DJI drone fleets, the new program includes a platform pricing model to drive inspection productivity and profitability.

(Image source: Kespry.)

Kespry, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider, has announced a new BYOD (Bring Your Own Drone) program. The new program includes a new platform pricing model designed to meet the expanding enterprise aerial intelligence requirements of large-scale residential and commercial property insurers and mining companies. Kespry now offers a single fee for its platform, including unlimited access to what it describes as industry-leading, vertically-integrated applications, the Kespry Cloud and AI and ML-based analytics.

George Mathew, Chairman and CEO, Kespry.

BYOD gives clients the ability to use Kespry-managed drone hardware or their own existing DJI drone fleet, including the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Phantom series. The combination of flexible platform pricing and BYOD is designed to give clients uniform access to the latest aerial intelligence technology, accuracy, ease-of-use and safety benefits. Customers’ ability to integrate their existing DJI drone fleets into the Kespry aerial intelligence platform ensures data reliability by providing a single source of aerial truth, the vendor claims.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Kespry and have DJI drones seamlessly integrate with the Kespry platform,” comments Bill Chen, Enterprise Partnerships Manager, DJI. “The combination of DJI’s industry-leading drone platforms with Kespry’s vertical capabilities and expertise will further boost efficiency for its mining and aggregates customers by allowing them to more accurately and frequently measure stockpile volumes, and manage inventory across multiple sites. Kespry’s BYOD program will also enable insurance and roofing companies to significantly reduce the time spent on inspecting buildings, while delivering precise risk assessments.”

Bill Chen, Enterprise Partnerships Manager, DJI.

Single-Fee Model

Kespry reports that its new platform pricing uses a single fee model designed for mining, aggregates, construction, and inspection companies to scale aerial intelligence across their operations. The cost is now based on the number of sites or properties involved, ensuring deployments are precisely aligned with business needs. Kespry and DJI-managed drones are available on an unlimited flight basis, in conjunction with the ability for customers to use the BYOD model with existing DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Phantom series drones.

“The integration of BYOD and new platform pricing means Kespry customers can further improve profitability with more accurate and frequent assessment of their assets across the regions they operate in,” comments George Mathew, CEO, Kespry. “The combination of the Kespry platform, hardware flexibility and uniform access to our comprehensive applications and vertical-specific tools makes enterprise expansion easier and more accessible than ever. It enables companies to align their aerial intelligence strategy in lockstep with their evolving business goals.”

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