Kenneth Eagleson Joins ASSI to Head Entry into U.S. Market

Accident Support Services International seeks to transform the U.S. claims process with its model of partnering with local police to speedily deliver comprehensive, accurate, and near-real time accident reports for insurers.

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Accident Support Services International (ASSI; Toronto, Ontario) has named Kenneth Eagleson VP of U.S. Insurance Programs. Eagleson will assume responsibility for sales, marketing and business development for ASSI’s U.S. insurance carrier program, whose debut in the U.S. market was announced earlier this year.  ASSI has enjoyed over two decades of success in Canada partnering with local police services to provide  accident reports for insurers and now hopes to propagate the model across the United States. On September 7, The company will open its first Collision Reporting Center in Roanoke Virginia.

“Ken Eagleson brings a wealth of relevant experience and extensive insurance industry relationships to ASSI on the eve of its September 2016 launch of its first U.S. Collision Reporting Center in Roanoke, Va., in partnership with local police departments,” comments Stephen Applebaum, Stephen Applebaum, Managing Partner, of Chicago-based advisory firm, Insurance Solutions Group.

Kenneth Eagleson, VP of U.S. Insurance Programs, ASSI.

Kenneth Eagleson, VP of U.S. Insurance Programs, ASSI.

Eagleson has 25 years of executive management experience in the insurance, automotive and information solutions industries. He was most recently a principal with SuccessData, LLC, a consultancy dedicated to management process improvement, business success information and vehicle accident event data. Earlier he was VP, Data Acquisition with CarFax Inc. Eagleson has also worked with Mitchell International as Group VP, National Sales and CCC Information Services as Group VP of Strategic Accounts.

ASSI is well-positioned to help transform the U.S. auto insurance accident reporting and claims process, according to Eagleson. “The unprecedented demands upon law enforcement and on their budgets will continue to constrain on-scene accident reporting—ASSI will fill that void” he comments. “By providing convenient, professionally managed and customer service focused Collision Reporting Centers [CRC’s] in partnership with local police services, ASSI will increase policyholder CSI and ensure the availability of comprehensive, accurate, and near-real time accident reports for insurers to more quickly initiate the FNOL and triage process and reduce cycle time and loss costs.”

Stephen Applebaum, Managing Partner, Insurance Solutions Group.

Stephen Applebaum, Managing Partner, Insurance Solutions Group.

Following over two decades of success in Canada—manifested by its 80 percent market share—ASSI is now expanding into the U.S. as police services from coast to coast can no longer afford to attend to routine traffic accidents due to the more serious demands placed upon them, according to Insurance Solutions Group’s Applebaum. “Consequently, insurance carriers seek alternatives to these police reports in order to properly service policyholders while accurately documenting and evaluating property damage and adjudicating these claims,” he elaborates. “While carriers bear the costs of the program and enjoy many related benefits, police and municipalities also obtain valuable traffic safety and engineering data and the driving public is rewarded with more efficient traffic flows and ultimately lower costs of insurance.”

Assembling a Team of Experienced Industry Professionals

ASSI is assembling an experienced U.S. team of industry professionals who have already begun laying the foundation for success, Eagleson reports.  “I am excited to help lead this effort to fundamentally transform this critical aspect of auto insurance claims service while also enabling law enforcement to more effectively deal with higher and more critical priorities,” he says.

Accident Support Services International Enters U.S. Market through ISG Partnership

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