John Hancock Integrates Amazon Halo with Vitality Program

Starting this fall, all John Hancock Vitality customers will be able to link the Amazon Halo Band to the program to earn Vitality Points.

(Amazon Halo Band and app. Source: Amazon.)

John Hancock (Boston), the U.S. division of Toronto-based Manulife, has partnered with Amazon to integrate Amazon Halo with the John Hancock Vitality Program. Starting this fall, all John Hancock Vitality customers will be able to link the Amazon Halo Band to the program to earn Vitality Points for the everyday efforts they make to live a healthier, and therefore longer, life.

Brooks Tingle, President and CEO, John Hancock Insurance.

“Integrating Amazon Halo into our life insurance ownership experience will enable us to continue to transform the role our industry plays in our customers’ lives,” comments Brooks Tingle, president and CEO, John Hancock Insurance. “At John Hancock, we believe a life insurance company is in a unique position to help customers live longer, healthier lives, and by integrating Amazon’s new health and wellness technology into our program, we can create a more meaningful, engaging and holistic experience for our customers.”

“Amazon Halo is a new service dedicated to helping customers improve their individual health and wellness and we are excited to work with John Hancock to integrate Halo into their Vitality program,” says Melissa Cha, VP, Amazon Halo. “John Hancock shares our belief that small changes can make a big impact on health, and we look forward to seeing how their customers use the insights Amazon Halo provides to earn rewards, and most importantly, achieve their health goals.”

The Amazon Halo service is anchored by a mobile app which provides insights into traditional metrics as well as new-to-world tools and features to enable customers to build healthier habits, according to a joint statement from the companies. The accompanying Amazon Halo Band is a wearable health and wellness device that measures users’ activity, heart rate, sleep, and tone of voice to provide insights into your individual health within the Halo app. John Hancock Vitality customers can sync the Halo Band with their Vitality account to earn points, including the following as described in the joint statement:

Activity: Amazon Halo measures activity based on a combination of motion and heart rate. Informed by global physical activity guidelines and the latest medical research, Halo scores activity based on the intensity and duration of movement. John Hancock customers will be able to earn Vitality Points using Halo for physical activity by meeting step count or target heart rate thresholds.

Sleep: Amazon Halo measures time asleep, time awake, and time spent in the various phases of sleep including deep, light, and REM. Each morning Halo members receive an overall score rating their sleep, with a hypnogram showing sleep cycles. John Hancock Vitality customers will be awarded points for a good night’s sleep as measured by their Amazon Halo Band.

Labs: Amazon Halo Labs are science-backed challenges or experiments that allow Halo members to discover what works for them individually. At launch, Halo will offer more than 100 labs developed by experts from some of the world’s leading health and wellness brands and research institutions across activity, sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness, with new labs added regularly. John Hancock Vitality customers can earn Vitality Points for completing Halo Labs.

“Integrating this kind of innovation to the customer experience continues to fundamentally transform the value customers can get from their life insurance,” adds Tingle. “We are excited about our work with Amazon and think our shared customer obsession, combined with innovative technology, incentives and rewards, can positively impact our customers’ lives.”

Amazon and John Hancock, together with Manulife, will explore additional opportunities to expand the program, according to the companies’ statement. John Hancock life insurance customers can also earn Amazon gift cards, and for those who reach the highest levels of Vitality engagement, an Amazon Prime membership.

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