Jewelers Mutual Group Launches LUX Digital Vault to Retail Jewelers 

The new ‘cool-tech’ solution revolutionizes how jewelers connect and stay connected to their customers.

(Image source: Jewelers Mutual Group.)

Jewelers Mutual Group (Neenah, Wisc.), a carrier providing insurance and business solutions to the jewelry industry, has announced the launch of the LUX Digital Vault mobile app, now open to its waiting list and select retailers, with broader availability to jewelers in the coming months. The Group’s latest offering connects customers to their trusted jeweler and their jewelry and watch collections with a 15-day jewelry insurance offer through a seamless app experience.

Mike Alexander, COO, Jewelers Mutual.

Jewelers Mutual calls the LUX Digital Vault the latest example of its commitment to providing technology solutions beyond insurance that benefit both jewelers and their customers. During beta testing, 80 percent of customers who purchased jewelry at a participating retail store downloaded the LUX Digital Vault. “Clients took control of their jewelry in the palm of their hands and left secured and insured,” a Jewelers Mutual statement says.

“The cutting-edge technology is increasing consumer confidence to protect their jewelry,” comments Mike Alexander, COO, Jewelers Mutual Group.

Alexander characterizes the LUX Digital Vault as “he future for jewelers who want to connect with their customers in more meaningful and innovative ways using the tech tool as an added “digital gift” to enhance the retail store experience. The customizable, store-branded app is provided by the insurer at no cost for jewelers to offer or for their customers to use.

The LUX Digital Vault—developed using the cloud-based Luxsurance platform Jewelers Mutual acquired earlier this year—comes with a special 15-day jewelry insurance offer so customers can keep their new jewelry protected while evaluating their insurance needs, with no up-front payment required. Customers have direct access to their trusted jeweler and can also upload images of their entire jewelry collection, store-related receipts, appraisals and other documents, and keep everything visible in the palm of their hands.

Letting Jewelers Be the Hero

Stephen Alexander, VP, Jewelers Solutions Innovation.

“Using tech to bring everyone closer and enjoy jewelry more inside their phone is exactly what my next-gen clients are looking for,” says Christina Baribault Ortiz of Baribault Jewelers, who was part of the beta test. “They love it!”

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to make all jewelers the hero with ‘cool tech’ they can give to their customers,” comments Stephen Alexander, cofounder of Luxsurance. “It’s a competitive game-changer for the entire industry.”

Jewelers Mutual Group Acquires Core Luxsurance Technology 

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