Jacada Debuts Autonomous CX Suite with Jacada Interact V10

The vendor says the enhanced automation platform  serves five Jacada solutions that support more efficient operation, without compromising on customer satisfaction.

(Image source: Jacada homepage.)

Jacada (Atlanta), a provider of customer service automation solutions, has released Version 10.0 of Jacada Interact, which supports the Jacada Autonomous CX (Customer Experience) Suite. With the new version of Interact, enterprises can now easily design and automate assisted-service or self-service processes across the customer journey, and ensure business agility, high resolution rates, efficiency, and standardization across all customer service channels, the vendor claims.

Yoel Goldenberg, Chief Product Officer, Jacada.

Jacada reports that the enhanced automation platform currently serves five Jacada solutions that support enterprises in their journey for more efficient operation, without compromising on customer satisfaction. The vendor describes the solutions as follows:

Agent Guidance: Interactive and intuitive guidance so agents always know what, when, and how to respond to customer inquiries

Desktop Automation: Robotic process automation (RPA) that can take cues from the agent, application event, or other business logic to automate tasks

Customer Intelligent Assistant bots: A virtual customer assistant that engages customers in conversation to answer their questions and complete transactions utilizing both NLP and integration with backend systems

Agent Intelligent Assistant bots: Customer service bots that work side-by-side with agents to provide guidance, answer questions, and automate processes—freeing agents to focus on human interaction needs, while testing automated process before being exposed directly to customers

Visual IVR: A visual customer assistant and digital support platform that guides inbound customer requests from both web and phone into a menu driven web-based support experience.

“As autonomous technology emerges in other industries ranging from automobiles to homes, we are bringing autonomy to customer service,” comments Yoel Goldenberg, Chief Product Officer, Jacada. “Jacada’s Autonomous CX is capable of automating complex tasks that drive much higher self-service resolution rate and dramatically shorter handling time of assisted service interactions.”

The vendor pitches the  Jacada bots—which are part of the Autonomous CX suite—as unique in their ability to successfully fulfill complex requests. “Jacada’s 27 years of experience in integrating various technologies into enterprise systems enables the bots to fulfil customer requests successfully and accurately,” a vendor statement asserts.

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