ISU Insurance Agency Network Selects IVANS Markets to Expand Business Opportunities

The online search tool that enabling agents to instantly identify insurer appetite will support the agency’s proprietary Commercial Lines Placement Advisor technology platform.

(Image source: ISU Insurance Agency Network.)

ISU Insurance Agency Network (San Francisco) has selected IVANS’ (New York) IVANS Markets carrier appetite search tool to support ISU’s proprietary Commercial Lines Placement Advisor.

Dan McCarthy, COO, ISU Insurance Agency Network.

The ISU CLPA’s convenience combines with IVANS Markets’ speed and accuracy of real-time delivery of property and casualty insurance placement transaction information, according to T J Ryan, Chief Executive, ISU Group. The combination gives ISU member a competitive advantage by giving clients the best value for its premium dollar while also maximizing revenue for the ISU Member Agent utilizing ISU’s preferred partner carriers and wholesaler brokers, he says.

“Prior to IVANS Markets, there was no automated way for our agents to search a consolidated list of insurers with appetite for a specific risk in a specific geographic area,” comments Dan McCarthy, COO, ISU Insurance Agency Network. “IVANS Markets will provide an easy-to-use appetite search tool on each user’s desktop, eliminating traditional search practices such as word-of-mouth or printed appetite guides and allowing our agents to quickly find the right markets for their clients’ specific risks.”

Brian Wood, VP, Data Products Group, IVANS Insurance Solutions.

IVANS Markets provides an online search tool that enables agents to instantly identify insurer appetite when searching for markets to submit new and renewal business, according to the vendor. The application enables agents to reduce dependency on traditional, time-consuming methods of identifying insurer appetite, such as reviewing insurer risk guides, visiting insurer websites or relying on historical agent experience. Leveraging IVANS’ access to markets, agencies can build new business opportunities with appointed insurers and increase visibility into additional prospective insurer and MGA partners based on lines of business and products, the vendor asserts.

Expanded Market Opportunities

“In today’s digital age, agents and insurers are looking to digital technology to enable greater collaboration, increase efficiencies, and create more value for the distribution channel,” says Brian Wood, VP, Data Products Group, IVANS Insurance Solutions. “IVANS Markets aligns our agency members with current and new markets, enabling them to increase the value of their books of business through expanding market opportunities with both appointed and prospective insurers.”

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