Israel’s Phoenix Insurance Boosts Revenue, Customer Satisfaction with Air Doctor

The vendor helped the insurer increase revenues from their traveler’s health insurance by over 20 percent and reduce medical visit claim costs by 14 percent during the first half of 2019.

(Image source: Phoenix Insurance website.)

Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. (Givatayim, Israel), one of Israel’s largest insurers, has partnered with Air Doctor (London/Tel Aviv), an online marketplace to give travelers access to clinicians, to reduce costs and increase revenue. Air Doctor reports that it has helped The Phoenix increase revenues from their traveler’s health insurance by over 20 percent and reduce medical visit claim costs by 14 percent during the first half of 2019. The vendor says that the insurer enjoyed 95 percent positive feedback from policyholders.

“Working together with Air Doctor has been a vital piece in increasing our department’s revenue while better serving our policyholders,” comments Dudi Oz, Head of Travel Insurance, The Phoenix.

Jenny Cohen Derfler, CEO of Air Doctor.

Air Doctor’s founding concept was to address the inefficiencies and customer inconvenience associated with legacy travel insurance, which typically requires customers to visit expensive clinics or hospitals due to an insurers’ inability to create a global network of practitioners. In the United States, the average Emergency room bill costs insurers approximately $1,500 per non-urgent claim. Recognizing the potential to increase the quality of patient care while significantly reducing costs, Air Doctor undertook to develop partnerships with local doctors globally, offering a cash-free process for policy issuers. Air Doctor provides a brandable mobile application to insurance companies whereby policyholders can choose their doctor directly, freeing up staff from claims management to carry out more efficient and productive tasks.

Superior Service through Partnering with Doctors

Phoenix originally offered the clinician location service to travelers with specific Destinations. Air Doctor reports. After an initial pilot, the insurer began offering the service to all travelers globally, regardless of destination. In the absence  locally partnered doctor, Air Doctor finds a local physician who can treat the traveler.

Air Doctor’s target is to have the average non-urgent visit fall below $100, Jenny Cohen Derfler, CEO. “We currently provide superior service by partnering with doctors who serve patients in any location that is convenient for the patient, oftentimes right in their hotel room,” Cohen Derfler says. “Taking our model a step further, providing telemedicine will allow our partnered doctors to provide instant care anywhere on the globe and reach our cost per claim goal.”

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