ISCS Launches First in a Line of Mobile Products for SurePower

In the course of developing the first product, which provides mobile access to a comprehensive range of customer services, ISCS founded a mobile testing center of excellence.

ISCS has launched the first release of a new line of mobile products, which the vendor says significantly enhances accessibility to basic insurance processes via ISCS’s SurePower Innovation core insurance system suite.

“Mobility is the future,” comments Andy Scurto, president, ISCS. “This new product represents the first in a planned complete product line of applications for insurers, producers and company personnel.”

Andy Scurto, President, ISCS.

Andy Scurto, President, ISCS.

ISCS calls its new mobile product the industry’s first brandable, insured service app which can be easily customized by insurer via configuration options in SurePower Innovation. Insurers can incorporate specific colors and branding elements, as well as establish authority settings and rules that will determine availability to the insured based on policy, agent and insurer criteria. Capabilities and features of the new mobile product are, according to ISCS:

  • Publishable via the Apple iTunes store;
  • A vehicle for secure electronic payments;
  • Capable of displaying electronic ID cards in states that allow them;
  • A single portal for registering and logging into all accounts;
  • Easy access to coverages, claims and billing information; and
  • A convenient way to view and share policy documents invoices and correspondence.

“With over 25 percent of U.S. consumers being ‘mobile only’ for internet access, many insurers now realize the conversation is more about accessibility than just mobility,” comments Doug Moore, VP, CTO, ISCS. “Unfortunately many insurers don’t have the time or expertise to develop mobile capabilities on their own.” That being the case, he adds, “It makes sense to work with a partner that has both insurance and mobile technology experience.”

Mobile Center of Excellence

During development of the new mobile product line, ISCS established a mobile testing center of excellence, which includes a dedicated team of highly trained mobile testing experts, according to the vendor. This center of excellence tests on major devices for each platform and helps track down and resolve issues reported from the field, an ISCS statement says. The new mobile product line, now available for iOS and Android, features what the vendor characterizes as elegantly designed, highly secure apps that are connected to a common API for easy information access and unlimited scalability as consumer and agent access grows.

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