Insurity Introduces Sure Underwriting Workbench to the London Market

The cloud-based solution offers a single view of the world to underwriters with an API-first strategy and automates routine underwriting processes with a highly configurable rules engine.

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Insurity, a provider of cloud-based software for insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs, has announced that it is launching its Sure Underwriting Workbench in the London market. Sure Underwriting Workbench’s low code, configurable rules engine empowers London market carriers, MGAs, syndicates, and brokers to focus more on risk assessment and less on routine tasks to increase underwriting efficiency, an Insurity statement says.

Insurity aims to address the challenges organizations in the London market face, for example the need to quickly and efficiently assessing risk and navigating an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Additionally, carriers and syndicates are tasked with adopting the newly pledged Blueprint Two initiative, the digital services framework based on ACORD standards, that will make the placement, accounting, and claims settlement more efficient and establish a standard core data record (CDR).

Sylvester Mathis, Chief Insurance Officer, Insurity.

Sure Underwriting Workbench automates routine decisions by coordinating work and collecting information into a single platform, allowing underwriters to dedicate more capacity to assessing the complex risks expected in the London market, according to the Insurity Statement. The vendor reports that Sure Underwriting Workbench is agnostic and capable of integrating with any rating system and can access data from any API-enabled system. Insurity says these capabilities can reduce the underwriting tools required by 50 percent, consolidating all data, documents, and decisions into a single platform and making the adoption of the CDR and the wider Blueprint Two initiatives more manageable.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

“The London market is undergoing a massive digitalization initiative, and carriers, syndicates, and others need underwriting solutions that can easily interact in the future digital ecosystem,” comments Sylvester Mathis, Chief Insurance Officer, Insurity. “Sure Underwriting Workbench integrates with any system, and the Blueprint Two framework will enable Sure Underwriting to accelerate and simplify insurance organizations’ digital transformation. Underwriting efficiencies realized through reporting dashboards, collaborative workflows, and easy-to-use APIs drive the required return on investment.”

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