Insurance Veteran Tom Hutton Joins Slice’s Board of Directors

The Managing Partner of XL Innovate has also been CEO of RMS and White Mountains Re and has directed companies such as Safeco, Monpelier Re and New Energy Risk.

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Slice Labs Inc. (New York) an insurance technology due to launch an insurance distribution platform designed to address the emerging risks associated with the sharing economy, has announced that Tom Hutton, Managing Partner of XL Innovate, has joined Slice’s board of directors.

Tim Attia, CEO, Slice.

Tim Attia, CEO, Slice.

“Tom’s experience is unparalleled in the world of insurance and analytics, as well as fintech startups. He provides the most strategic mind in the industry; key to scaling our new insurance products,” said Tim Attia, CEO at Slice.

Prior to establishing XL Innovate in 2015, Hutton held several leadership roles in the financial and technology industries. He was CEO at Risk Management Solutions and White Mountains Re and has also directed multiple private and public insurance and reinsurance companies including Safeco, Montpelier Re, and New Energy Risk. Hutton served on the XL Group Board of Directors, a $10 billion global insurance company, and currently serves on the board of SoFi, a modern finance company taking an unprecedented approach to lending and wealth management.

Tom Hutton, Managing Partner, XL Innovate.

Tom Hutton, Managing Partner, XL Innovate.

“XL Innovate invests in high-value opportunities for assessing and pricing risk, particularly those addressing emerging trends in technology,” Hutton comments. “Slice does just that. There is a very real need to provide fair and transparent insurance specifically created and priced for the new on-demand workforce. I have great respect for what Slice is building, and am honored to be joining their board.”

Tom Hutton will be joining the current Slice co-founders and Frances Kang of Horizons Ventures, who is also on the boards of Friendsurance and Blockstream, Slice reports. .

Slice is backed by Horizons Ventures and XL Innovate. The company is currently licensed to conduct business in California, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington with licensing in process for all other U.S. states, according to a company statement.

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