Archived Webcast. Insurance Billing in the Cloud: An Agile Path to Strategic Differentiation

Billing has traditionally been seen as a commodity function in the insurance value chain. That appraisal no longer holds true in the age of digital customer experience. Billing today is one of the most important customer touch points, and as such presents an opportunity for strategic differentiation.

Within the as-a-service economy, insurers have the opportunity to take advantage of modern configurable billing systems that leverage both the efficiencies and the functional flexibility of the cloud. Using that opportunity to clearly define customer engagement goals and selecting a flexible tool that will quickly enable agility and self-sufficiency can benefit your organization quickly and confer adaptability to a fast-changing market over the longer haul.

In this one-hour webcast recording, hosted by Insurance Innovation Reporter and sponsored by OneShield Software, you will hear about the competitive necessity of modernizing your billing systems in a manner that gives you the ability to adjust to market and technology changes transparently and in a cost-effective manner.

Check out this archived webcast to learn more about:

  • The evolution and benefits of as-a-service solutions and their impact on billing
  • How product configuration enables self-sufficiency
  • How to integrate flexible billing capabilities into your business/technology environment for maximum value and lower TCO
  • Billing extensibility for more granular functionality and other benefits beyond most modern systems