INSHUR and Uber Launch Insurance for Arizona On-Demand Livery Drivers

INSHUR and Uber have been working together since 2018 to deliver seamless integrations of solutions to provide hassle-free insurance products for livery drivers.

(Image source: INSHUR webpage.)

On-demand insurance platform INSHUR (New York) has launched its insurance offering for on-demand livery drivers in Arizona, its second state in the U.S. following New York. This news comes after the company’s acquisition of American Business Insurance Services (ABI; Westlake Village, Calif.) in April. With ABI’s existing footprint and capabilities built over the last 40 years, INSHUR says that it is able to efficiently scale its innovative insurance products for the on-demand economy across the U.S.

INSHUR characterizes the ability for on-demand livery and delivery drivers to access competitive insurance coverage that matches their needs as crucial for today’s economy. The company says its business across the U.S. and Europe has always centered around driver lifestyles through its deep understanding and use of data, insurance and technology for the on-demand driver economy.

INSHUR reports that it uses sophisticated data modeling technology to provide on-demand drivers with flexible pricing as well as a faster, more streamlined customer experience through exceptional claims handling and processing capabilities, all designed to get drivers back on the road quickly and safely.

The launch in Arizona is supported by INSHUR’s strategic partnership with Uber. The companies have been working together since 2018 to deliver seamless integrations of innovative tech solutions to provide what INSHUR describes as hassle-free insurance products for livery drivers. INSHUR says its processing of proprietary data and use of embedded technology in underwriting means better performance for capacity partners as well as competitive and comprehensive on-demand insurance policies to match driver lifestyles and driving habits.

In partnership with Uber, INSHUR plans to ramp up its business with on-demand drivers through its embedded insurance technology, with additional states planned in the coming months. The company says its expansion across the U.S. is made possible with INSHUR’s scalable modular platform.

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