INGUARD Expands Bold Penguin Relationship

Having begun using Bold Penguin for a small number of states and producers, INGUARD has now adopted the platform for its entire agency.

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INGUARD, a Wabash, Indiana-based insurance agency and risk management firm focused on niche markets and clients with complex portfolios, has expanded its relationship with Bold Penguin (Columbus, Ohio), provider of an agent/carrier interface designed to streamline the quote-to-sale process for commercial property/casualty insurance agents and speed the underwriting process for carriers. Having begun using Bold Penguin for a small number of states and producers, INGUARD has now adopted the platform for its entire agency.

Parker Beauchamp, CEO, INGUARD.

“Selling online in the last century and accepting cryptocurrency were not end games for us,” comments Parker Beauchamp, CEO, INGUARD. “These are examples of tangible steps in INGUARD’s roadmap to be a more innovative insurance company. As part and parcel of that initiative, we partnered with Bold Penguin to further modernize and streamline the commercial insurance process. The incorporation of Bold Penguin’s portal into our business model has been so beneficial for INGUARD’s professionals and policyholders alike that we knew an expansion of the partnership was the way to go.”

Bold Penguin describes its platform a new approach to commercial lines property/casualty insurance by streamlining the new business and renewal process and creating efficiencies over and above manual processes or other portal solutions. The vendor aims to transform the way agents and insurers work together, making it easier for agents to find appropriate business in an online marketplace, and achieve better speed-to-market by automating much of the underwriting process.

Ilya Bodner, Chairman, Bold Penguin.

INGUARD tried Bold Penguin with a select group of producers in certain states to gauge the platform’s potential benefit to its workflow. The pilot went well, with a minimum of difficulty according Ilya Bodner, CEO, Bold Penguin. “Their producers picked it up right away; we were able to send data straight into [INGUARD’s] CRM system and receive the dispositions back on a consistent basis,” he relates. “This allowed for their agents to handle multiple inbound quotes daily.”

In the wake of the successful pilot, INGUARD brought on a person to oversee the Bold Penguin relationship. The agency also selected a CRM tool better suited to integrating with the platform, making it possible to synch data on a real-time basis.

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