Indio Technologies Partners with MarshBerry to Deliver Online P&C Solutions

Through the partnership, MarshBerry will give its Connect member firms access to technology that turns the insurance application and renewal process into a fully digital, online process.

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Indio Technologies, a San Francisco-based management software platform for property/casualty insurers, has announced a partnership with MarshBerry. Through the partnership, MarshBerry, a Woodmere, Ohio-based specialized financial advisory and management consulting firm rendering services to the insurance distribution space, will be able to provide its Connect member firms with software that both improves the overall client experience and turns the insurance application and renewal process into a fully digital, online, modern process, according to an Indio statement.

Michael Furlong, Co-Founder, Indio.

Using the Indio platform, MarshBerry Connect Platform members will gain access to Indio’s database of over 5,000 digitally enhanced “smart” insurance applications, and secure document storage, according to the vendor. This partnership aims to drastically improve client experiences for insureds, as well as allowing for modernized internal operations with regard to data collection. The partnership will give over 130 insurance brokers access to Indio’s software.

“Indio believes in technology’s ability to make the insurance application and renewal process simpler,” comments Michael Furlong CEO and Co-Founder, Indio. “The time and money that agencies are able to save their users by automating these processes is crucial in showing customer experience is of the utmost importance.”

John Wepler, Chairman and CEO, MarshBerry.

“MarshBerry’s Connect members are some of the best agencies and brokers in the country and we’re thrilled that this partnership will allow those members to provide the greatest experience for their clients,” Furlong adds.

Toward a Fully Digital, Paperless Insurance Process

Indio characterizes MarshBerry’s participation in the partnership as allowing its Connect members to advance further in their journey to a fully paperless insurance process.

“The launch of MarshBerry’s Connect Platform has been over a year in the making.  We’ve created an opportunity for our membership to take action on growth, partner with like-minded firms, like Indio, and seize market opportunities now—not tomorrow,” comments John Wepler, Chairman and CEO, MarshBerry.

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