IMS Brings Carrot UBI Platform to North American Insurers

The vendor says that partners will also have full access to eight years of in-market experience, insights, and validated learnings in driver scoring.

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IMS, a subsidiary of Trak Global Group (TGG; Crewe, Chesire, U.K.), a provider of connected car data solutions to insurers, mobility operators and governments, has announced the availability in North America of its usage-based insurance (UBI) platform on which its Carrot Insurance program is built.

Nino Tarantino, CEO, IMS (Americas).

IMS says that it is offering the platform to U.S. and Canadian insurers to enable them to rapidly scale next-generation UBI programs that go beyond the common approach of offering motorists discounts in exchange for sharing limited driving data. The vendor says that partners will also have full access to eight years of in-market experience, insights, and validated learnings in driver scoring (informed by real-world claims data), engagement, and reward, as well as the effective use of telematics data within claims.

IMS describes the platform as highly configurable, modular and compatible with telematics data across all device types, from plug-in hardware to mobile apps and embedded telemetry within vehicles. In addition to underpinning Carrot, the platform has been adopted by numerous insurers, such as RSA (Sydney), Zurich (Zurich), and Aviva (London), and auto manufacturers, including Volkswagen and Fiat.

IMS is led in North America by insurance telematics pioneer, Nino Tarantino, who joined the company from Octo Telematics (Rome) North America shortly after it was acquired by TGG in December 2018.

Differentiation Opportunity

“The auto insurance market in North America is very competitive, and UBI has provided an opportunity for insurers to differentiate, while enabling improved risk selection,” comments Tarantino, CEO, IMS (Americas). “Insurers must now begin to focus on using telematics data to effect positive behavior change, drive down accident frequency, improve loss ratios and generate ROI from their programs. By giving our partners access to the full breadth of our insights harvested from Carrot and providing them the same tools that helped deliver an accident frequency reduction of over 40 percent in other geographical markets, we believe it is possible for our insurer partners to see double-digit improvements to their combined operating ratios. No other solution provider in the market has access to the leverage that IMS’s Carrot experience provides.”

In addition to the engagement and reward system at the heart of the platform, which has historically delivered increased customer interaction and driver safety—with more than half of policyholders checking driving feedback daily—North American insurers can also benefit from IMS’s expertise using telematics data to improve the claims process, an IMS statement says. The tools and expertise within IMS’s Claims as a Service (CaaS) offering have already seen global composite insurers, like Zur

Greg Donaldson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group.

ich, achieve as much as a 10-point improvement in combined operating ratio (COR) through more efficient claims resolution, the vendor reports.

Insurers Need Experienced Partners

“UBI provides insurers with more detailed information about their customers than ever before and will allow for rating systems to accurately reflect customers’ driving ability over time while providing a positive customer experience through increased engagement and reward programs,” comments Greg Donaldson, senior analyst, Aite Group (Boston). “The race for effective UBI offerings in North America has started and insurers ignoring this trend stand to fall behind as the competition forges ahead. Insurers will need to find experienced partners to help them develop and integrate the right plan to ensure success.”

Nino Tarantino Joins Trak Global Group as CEO of IMS–Americas

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