Imprezzio Embeds Jornaya Customer Journey Insights Platform for Lead Enhancement

The capabilities have been combined to provide a more complete view of consumer behavior, help improve lead performance and mitigate TCPA risk.

(Image source: Jornaya website.)

Imprezzio (Spokane), a provider of sales enablement software for the insurance and financial services industries, has partnered with Jornaya (Philadelphia) to embed the vendor’s Jornaya Intelligence and TCPA Guardian solutions to be embedded into the Imprezzio platform. The combination of the two vendors’ solutions is designed to provide a more complete view of consumer behavior, help improve lead performance and mitigate TCPA risk for insurers and financial services companies.

Jeff Brown, EVP of Sales, Imprezzio.

Imprezzio’s LeadFlow software is designed to manage, optimize and delivers timely internet leads.

“The combination of Jornaya’s consumer journey insights and real-time intelligence, coupled with our industry leading speed to lead and lead routing will become table stakes for anyone purchasing internet leads,” comments Jeff Brown, EVP of Sales, Imprezzio.

Jornaya’s platform offers visibility into the consumer journey, providing insights into consumer behavior and intent. The vendor describes its technology as a first-hand witness to consumer actions across devices, browsers, and web properties. Jornaya contributes proprietary data and insights to publishers and to marketers that the vendor claims cannot be found from any other source.

“Our partnership with Imprezzio continues to expand our presence with insurance and mortgage providers,” comments Jaime Pickles, GM, Insurance, Jornaya. “We’re excited for Imprezzio’s LeadFlow customers, who now have a distinct competitive advantage of acquiring leads enhanced with Jornaya’s solutions.”

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