IIR Four Stars Award Finalists: Andean Region

Introducing Insurance Innovation Reporter’s Four Star Awards finalists for the Andean Region.

(Photo credit: Padowski2000.)

Insurance Innovation Reporter ’s Four Star Awards recognize outstanding insurance executives who have used IT in innovative ways to meet their companies’ business objectives. In this inaugural year, IIR has identified finalists in each of four major regions of Latin America: Mexico, the Caribbean & Central America, the Andean region, and the Southern Cone.

In this digest article, we link to profiles of the finalists from the Andean region, which includes the South American countries of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Communicating Toward Success: Guillermo Ramírez, RIMAC Seguros

Digital Insurance Entrepreneur: Andrés Cordovez Davalos, Seguros Equinoccial

Technology-Driven Product Innovation: Juan Camilo Bueno Delgadillo, La Previsora Seguros

Insurance Creation By Disruption: Jorge Enrique Gómez Vásquez, CEO, WeSURA

Anthony R. O’Donnell // Anthony O'Donnell is Executive Editor of Insurance Innovation Reporter. For nearly two decades, he has been an observer and commentator on the use of information technology in the insurance industry, following industry trends and writing about the use of IT across all sectors of the insurance industry. He can be reached at AnthODonnell@IIReporter.com or (503) 936-2803.

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