iintoo Launches Principal-Protection Product for Investors with Insurance from Everest Re

Supported by insurance provided by an affiliate of Everest Re Group and a social community pool, Epiic offers two layers of protection for investors’ principal.

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Online Real Estate Investment Management Company iintoo Investments Ltd. (New York) has launched Epiic (Equity Protection Investment Community), which the company characterizes as the first-of-its-kind real estate investment product that provides principal protection for private accredited investors. Supported by insurance provided by an affiliate of Everest Re Group, Ltd. (Liberty Corner, N.J.) and a social community pool, Epiic offers two layers of protection for investors’ principal.

Eran Roth, Founder, and CEO, iintoo.

iintoo is designed to open up access to real estate investments that were once exclusive to professional funders and high-net-worth individuals. Starting at $25,000, accredited investors can invest in ownership shares in projected high yield, premium real estate projects. Each project undergoes a rigorous due-diligence and approval process provided by iintoo. In order to assess the risk factors in real estate investing, iintoo also conducted an analysis of the real estate market in the United States, taking into consideration all sectors in all 50 states over the past 30 years.

“We are very pleased to have insurance from an affiliate of Everest Re so we can offer this innovative and unique principal protection product,” comments Eran Roth, Founder, and CEO, iintoo. “For the first time ever in real estate, we are able to provide private accredited investors equity protection, while still offering what we believe will be high-yield returns. This is true peace of mind real estate investing.”

iintoo reports that it took a strategic step with Everest Re to create Epiic, the first insurance-backed product that provides principal protection in real estate investments. “Our mission is to blend technology with hands-on real estate management to make investing easy and accessible,” comments Roth. “With our new principal protection product, we are combining professional real estate management, our social community pool, and insurance protection to mitigate risk and produce strong returns for our investors.”

Unlike a crowdfunding marketplace, iintoo works directly with project sponsors to vet and stress test business plans to maximize the chances for success. As a global real estate investment management company (REIMCO), iintoo selects all investment opportunities after analyzing and verifying a project’s sponsor, as well as the project’s plans and revenue forecasts.

Two-Layer Protection Benefit

Supported by insurance from an affiliate of Everest Re that protects against a loss of value of the real estate projects selected by iintoo, iintoo’s Epiic product adds a two-layer protection benefit for investors who are seeking the safety of principal protection for their initial investment.  This is in addition to iintoo’s complete project oversight throughout the life of an investment, which includes site visits, progress reports and the handling of quarterly returns to the extent available, which iintoo says is executed with access to total social transparency, allowing investors to follow each other, befriend each other, and share information with each other.

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