Idaho Selects ISO to Launch Electronic System for Workers’ Compensation Claims

The Idaho Industrial Commission will use ISO wcCapture to implement the state’s first EDI based system for collecting workers’ compensation data.

(Borah Peak, at12,662 feet, Idaho’s highest point. Source: U.S. Forest Service.)

The Idaho Industrial Commission (Boise) has selected ISO (Jersey City, N.J.) to introduce the state’s first electronic system for collecting data on workers’ compensation claims across the state. ISO, a Verisk Analytics company, reports that it will help Idaho as it joins a growing number of states implementing electronic data interchange (EDI) reporting, a system that enables insurers across the country to enhance their data quality, make more informed decisions about claims, and provide improved outcomes for injured workers.

Alfred A. Faber, director of ISO Workers’ Compensation Solutions.

Alfred A. Faber, director of ISO Workers’ Compensation Solutions.

ISO alludes to the features of its solution noting that implementation of an EDI program often depends on having a dynamic system capable of supporting state-specific data elements and reporting situations while aligning with data-sharing standards set by the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC). Idaho will be using ISO’s wcCapture, an extensive claims data collection and monitoring system that helps states collect EDI injury reports in an easy, efficient, and cost-effective manner, the vendor reports.

“The workers’ compensation industry continues to derive substantial benefit from capitalizing on the strength of our collective data assets,” comments Alfred A. Faber, director of ISO Workers Compensation Solutions. “Leveraging a national standard for the electronic submission of workers’ compensation data goes a long way in allowing state jurisdictions and data reporters alike to better serve our nation’s injured workers. We’re proud to have the opportunity to serve the state of Idaho and its data reporters.”

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